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Produksieproses vir teeblik

2020-02-17 hqt

Elke teeblik is stap-vir-stapel van ystermateriaal-druk-sny-stempel-samestelling-verpakking.

(1) Iron material: Generally, after confirming the order, the most suitable iron material will be ordered according to the layout, including the type and size of the iron material. The iron material is usually stored directly in the printing plant. For the identification of the quality of the iron material, you can Generally, the method of visual inspection is to see if there are scratches on the surface, whether the texture is uniform, whether there are rust spots, etc. The thickness can be measured with a micrometer, and the hardness can be felt with a hand.

(2) Printing: Both the film and the typeset are ready for printing after being printed to the printing house. Usually, a template is provided for the printing house to follow the color. What should be paid attention to in the printing process is to see if the printing color palette keeps up with the template. Whether the positioning is accurate, whether there are stains, whether there are scars, and so on. The printers generally responsible for these problems can control it by themselves.

inted iron material is returned to the factory, the material can be cut and cut according to the cutting bed. The main thing to pay attention to when cutting the mattress is to see if the operator cuts according to the knife edge line, and whether the length is consistent and uniform. Whether the workers scratch each other when discharging, etc., the quality should be checked at the initial operating station.

(4) Stamping: It is the pressing of iron pieces on a punching machine. This is the most important task of a jar. Usually, a jar can be divided into many steps to complete. The general process of the two-piece can of Tiandi lid is as follows: Lid: open material-flashing-winding line. Bottom: open material-flashing-pre-rolling line-winding line.

Hemel en aarde bedek bodem gesp proses (onderste seël) Die proses van die blik, deksel: opening materiaal-flikkerende rand-kronkelende lyn blikkie: opening materiaal-voor-buig-sny hoek-vorming-knop-been been liggaam (knop onder )-agterblad. Die onderste proses is: die opening van die materiaal is gewoonlik die grootste verlies aan die produk tydens die stempelproses. Let op of die werk gestandaardiseer is, of die oppervlak van die produk gekrap is, of daar baie nate is en of die kraag vas is. Die gebruiklike gebruik is om die bevestiging van die produksie van groot monsters voor die produksie van groot produkte te reël, en volgens die bevestigde groot monsters te produseer, wat baie probleme kan verminder.

(5) Verpakking: Na afloop van die produksie is die verpakkingsafdeling verantwoordelik vir skoonmaak en montering, in plastieksakke plaas en verpak. Hierdie gedeelte is die afwerking van die produk. Die skoonmaak van die produk is baie belangrik. Daarom is dit nodig om die skoonmaakwerk voor verpakking te doen, en dan volgens die verpakkingsmetode te verpak. Die produkte met baie style moet ooreenstem met die modelnommer en boks. sit. Waaraan tydens die verpakking aandag gegee moet word, is om die invloei van gebrekkige produkte in die finale produk te minimaliseer, en die verpakkingshoeveelheid moet akkuraat wees.