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Benutzerdefinierte Blechdosen Großhandel Mythos-Bestseller Benutzerdefinierte Dosenboxen Geschenke im Jahr 2019

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Dinge, die Sie mit personalisierten und maßgeschneiderten Dosen Box lieben lassen




  1. Geschichte der Blechdose
  2. Die Vielfalt in benutzerdefinierten Dosen Box
  3. Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg - Reise in Richtung Dosenverpackung
  4. Was ist eine Blechdose?
  5. Was sind die drei berühmten Kategorien der Blechdose?
  6. Warum sind benutzerdefinierte Dosenboxen beliebt?
  7. Wie viele Arten der kundenspezifischen Blechdose gibt es?
  8. Why tin box packaging is famous?
  9. Why do people like customize tin box gifts?
  10. What are the different uses of custom tins box?
  11. How to buy a quality custom tin box wholesale?
  12. Which tin boxes are best for gifts?
  13. How can we save mother earth by using tins box?


  1. Geschichte der Blechdose

In the 19th century, custom tin boxes wholesale, personalized tins box, and bespoke tins box started the journey in the U.S.A. We can say it was the beginning of custom-made cans for the food storing and processing industry. Personalized tin lunch box and bespoke tin box manufacturer were in very little amount.

The biggest reason behind the tin box industry was its unique style and demand of the rich class. The use of tin box food was a symbol of a lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, the upper class of American society used to like to exchange custom tins box gifts.


So, we can say, it was the evaluation of can food industry that shaped into a proper business with the time. Although, it has been quite pricy in the past as only traders, and business class could afford it. On the other hand, more tin box manufacturing companies appeared. The price of can food started decreasing. There are various reasons also like:

  • The demand of stored fresh food
  • Innovation and uniqueness
  • Class competition

These were the main three reasons that compelled metal tins, investors, to invest a huge number of amount in manufacturing metal tin boxes for multiple purposes. Nowadays, people in the United States use custom tins box for the following purposes:

  • Personalized tin lunch box
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical industry
  • Electronics industry


The diversity in custom tin boxes wholesale

These are the most popular industries where the use of tins boxes has become a standard. That is why now people like to order custom tin boxes wholesale and personalized tins box. If you maintain a little research about it, you will get to know how much diversity has come in bespoke tins box manufacturing.


Custom tin packaging is quite popular these days where people love to exchange gifts in these impeccable and lavish small metal tins. Subsequently, they look for a more creative and advance tin box company that can design and create an outclass personalized tin box for special occasions.

There is another narrative also which describes how custom tin boxes wholesale industry was quite popular during the American civil war.


Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg - Reise in Richtung Dosenverpackung


Zu Beginn des Artikels haben wir die Bewertung der Dosenlebensmittelindustrie erörtert, aber hier ist auch ein anderer Aspekt. Historiker glauben auch, dass die Großhandelsindustrie für kundenspezifische Dosenboxen niemals entstehen könnte, wenn es keinen Bürgerkrieg gäbe. Darüber hinaus wiesen sie darauf hin, dass die personalisierte Dosenbox kein Symbol für Reichtum sei, sondern das Bedürfnis der Zeit.


Während der Anarchie im Land war es sehr schwierig, frische Lebensmittel zu finden. Das waren also Einheimische, die anfingen, personalisierte Dosen-Lunchboxen zu verwenden.


Gleichzeitig wurde diese Technik im ganzen Land äußerst beliebt. Für Historiker waren Metalldosen am Anfang teuer. Weil es auf Branchenebene keine Echtzeitproduktion gab. Es waren Personen da, die solche Gegenstände vorbereiteten.

Später, als Industrielle sahen, dass kundenspezifische Dosen im Großhandel eine glänzende Zukunft hatten; Sie errichten offiziell Fabriken und Produktionseinheiten. So wurde plötzlich der maßgeschneiderte Blechkastenhersteller populär. Die Preise wurden niedrig und jetzt konnte jeder auf die Konservendosen zugreifen.


Wir haben also eine genaue Geschichte der Entwicklung von Blechdosen in den USA gelesen, einschließlich der Faktoren, die bei der Ausweitung der Herstellung von kundenspezifischen Blechdosen eine Rolle spielen. Jetzt werden wir uns den beliebtesten Fragen zu den meistverkauften Geschenken für benutzerdefinierte Dosenboxen im Jahr 2019 zuwenden.


Lesen Sie mehr über: Custom Tin Boxes


Was ist eine Blechdose?


Vielleicht haben Sie kleine Metallboxen in wunderschönen Formen mit attraktivem Druck um sich herum gesehen. Diese metallischen Komponenten werden eigentlich Zinnkästen genannt. Da diese Kisten aus Zinn bestehen, folgt das Metall seinem Namen.


In the modern era, as other products are being galvanized into new shapes, tin boxes are also setting up new trends. From minor to major industry the role of the tin box cannot be ignored. Nowadays, we have a range of custom tins box, personalized tins lunch box, bespoke tins box.


Moreover, the use of these boxes varies. Earlier, people used small metal tins to store food for a long period. The contemporary era has brought more uniqueness and innovation in this art. Tin box packaging has become one of the most popular ways of presenting gifts these days. You can imagine, the way society has changed the trends from a revolution started from civil war back in the 19th century.


Was sind die drei berühmten Kategorien der Blechdose?


Top 3 most popular custom-made tins are:



Similarly, we can also classify these main categories into subs. For instance,

  • Custom tin boxes wholesale
  • personalized tin lunch box
  • BESPOKE TINS BOX manufacturer


As I have mentioned earlier, the demand of people has changed the flow of ideas too. From individual to the commercial level, tin box industry has overwhelmed the market. Subsequently, what is more interesting the cheaper prices these tins boxes are available.


Currently, these categories are quite acceptable and appealing among every age. Just look at the way personalized tins lunch box are exposing creative beauty. You can say children are smart and creative too. They want a lunch box that is different in style. Moreover, it should be quoting child favorite lines. Thus, you can’t control the imagination and personalized tins lunch box is the best way to sooth your child's creativity.


Similarly, various functions and occasions come where you can offer someone a custom tins box. It can be a personalized tins box also. The appeal and charm these boxes provide, you will hardly see in any gift packaging. In some situations, you may find it hard to order favorite bespoke tins box. In this situation, you need to contact bespoke tins box manufacturer in your area. You can search the best bespoke tins box manufacturer near me online too.


Why custom tin boxes wholesale is popular?

It is the human psyche; he/she likes innovation in everything. A human being is creative. Just look at the time where we are living and compare it to the dark or stone age. It is a continuous human effort that compelled him/her to revolutionize the state of living. Everything has become materialized now. So is with the art.

Custom tin boxes wholesale has become an art now. It contains a lot of skills in it. From simple to modern, classic to exotic, you can seek a diverse range of custom tins box. Almost every industry is using state of the art custom tin box. Simultaneously, the cosmetics industry and food industry has given much appreciation to the bespoke tins box manufacturer. The reason is quite obvious. There is a huge influx of customer’s demand of cosmetics. So, people love to gift beauty items in custom tins box and bespoke tins box.

On the other hand, if you want to buy in bulk, you can contact a bespoke tins box manufacturer. There is another way too to buy custom tin boxes wholesale.

Buying custom tins box wholesale also brings multiple benefits. And the most prominent is the price factor. Individual buying will cost you much whereas commercial purchasing will secure your money. Subsequently, you can order a personalized tin lunch box also for the kids. You can gift them on a birthday or at any celebration.


Wie viele Arten der kundenspezifischen Blechdose gibt es?


Customized tins box is available in the following categories:


  • Tins box for tobacco
  • Customized tin box for celebration
  • Personalized tin lunch box
  • Custom tin box for stationary items
  • Protein container
  • Tea tin box
  • Round tin box
  • Tins box for cosmetics
  • Spice container
  • Dry fruit container
  • Tins box for food items
  • Chocolate container
  • Tins box for gift items


There are many more categories also. The focal point is, how quickly Custom tin boxes wholesale, personalized tin lunch box, BESPOKE TINS BOX manufacturer fields are penetrating through our lifestyle.


Why tin box packaging is famous?


There is a famous quote, “dressing is the first impression”. The same quote rightly fits with the custom tins box. Why people around the world are liking personalized tins box because these boxes offer valuable and aesthetic art.

We love to own things that sooth our senses. And this is the truth that the production line of bespoke tins box manufacturer is increasing. They are delivering quality art printed on these boxes. Custom tins box packaging is delivering the art.

Now companies are hiring bespoke tins box manufacturer and custom tin boxes wholesale dealer. Since the choice and priority of consumers have changed, companies are also changing the way of product presentation.


Why do people like customize tin box gifts?


According to a leading bespoke tins box manufacturer, custom tins box has become a billion-dollar industry. The biggest reason is people's appreciation.

Since custom tin boxes wholesale market has revolutionized the marketing ideas, we have seen a great rift in user’s choice too. They are preferring to the gifts delivering variation. For instance, just take the example of a personalized tin lunch box; you will see an unlimited number of attractive tin lunch box designs.

On the other hand, this industry has also made it easy for people to buy a different and unique tin box packaging. In the past, we had a limited choice of buying gifts. But now, the growth of tins box customization has enabled people to craft anything in their style.


What are the different uses of custom tins box?

Tins boxe is a multirole component. But the personalized tin lunch box has a huge demand all over the world. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say a customized tin lunch box is the best gift for a child. Subsequently, there are also various ways these tin boxes are being used. As I have mentioned above, you can order and use them as per your needs. But especially, there are two major consumers of tins box:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic
On the commercial level it includes:
  • Bespoke tins box manufacturer
  • Personalized tin lunch box
  • Custom tin boxes wholesale

These are the three main categories which are fulfilling the needs of many other interconnected businesses.

Whereas domestic use of tins box include the following domains
  • Tin lunch boxes
  • Tin box crafting
  • Custom tins box packaging
  • Tins box gifts
  • Printing and crafting
  • Tin box recycling


How to buy a quality custom tin box wholesale?

If you are buying a tin box in bulk, you need to maintain a little research to find the best custom tin box wholesale company. I am sharing some basic dominant traits that you must find before making any deal.

  • Well finished products
  • Durable construction
  • Perfection to make your imagination into reality
  • Swift manufacturing

There are several online bespoke tins box manufacturer and custom tin boxes wholesale companies which can assist you in branding your imagination.


Which tin boxes are best for gifts?


custom tins box


I always recommend custom tins box for gifts. In this category, you have a choice to craft a perfect appealing box. Subsequently, it depends on the occasion too. For instance, we have Christmas ahead, and everyone will be busy in buying unique gifts for this most awaited event.


To bring some sort of excitement, people make crazy arrangements. I would suggest to plan your choice.

It can be a chocolate tin box, personalized tin lunch box, dry fruit tin box, etc. once you decide the bulk amount of custom tins box, and next step is to decide the outlay, packaging, and printing of the box.

In this situation, you can hire the services of custom tin box wholesale individual or bespoke tin box manufacturer. If you are not clear what to print and what kind of tin box packaging should be, you can take the help of custom tins box company.

How can we save mother earth by using tins box?  

Tins box are a great replacement for plastic. Since we all know how severely plastic has hit the earth's atmosphere and aquatic animals. Although plastic bags are cheap but in the long term, plastic material is increasing pollution at an alarming rate.

The use of tins box has made recycling easy. For instance, on a commercial level, tins box recycling can produce a lot of other products. On the other hand, these are biodegradable also. The thin tins box sheet wouldn’t take much time as compared to the lowest quality plastic bag.

So, what experts are suggesting educating children about the alarming rate of pollution and the factors behind it. That is why personalized tin lunch box is getting popularity. Earlier, everywhere we could see plastic material for storing and carrying food.