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Personalisiertes Zinn-Mittagessen halten Ihr Mittagessen warm und frisch

2020-03-05 hqt

Die besten Ideen, um Ihr Essen mit personalisierten Zinn-Lunchboxen warm zu halten

Wir verstehen, dass der Kauf eines Mittagessens jeden Tag sehr kostspielig werden kann. Das Mitbringen des Mittagessens von zu Hause kann jedoch den Geschmack verändern. Heiße Pizza zu essen ist schließlich nicht dasselbe wie eine kalte. Anstatt Ihr Mittagessen jeden Tag zu kaufen, sollten Sie in eine hochwertige Brotdose investieren.

With the right kind of lunch box, you will be able to keep your food fresh and warm for a longer period. So, may it be a salad or sandwich, the right lunch box will ensure that even after hours, you enjoy its essence and taste. After all, metal tin boxes are designed to offer long-lasting fresh meals.

Why Tin lunchboxes

There is no denying that the metal tin box is better in comparison to the regular plastic lunch box. Metal offers sturdiness. It has the ability to keep your meal warm and fresh for a longer period. In addition to being food-friendly, you can enjoy metal boxes in almost all shapes and sizes.

You can enjoy your own customized lunch box or you can buy off the shelf. In short, metal lunch boxes are the best that you can get. Below we have come up with some smart tin lunch boxes for you to purchase for your day-to-day lunch.

Best Customized Lunch Box Ideas

Metal Lunch Box: Elvis Presley Mug Shape

personalized tin lunch boxes


Your lunch box needs to reflect your personality. Therefore, you should customize it according to your likes. In case you are an Elvis Presley fan, you would fall in love with this embossed metal lunch box.

The picture of Elvis Presley is embossed on the front side of the lunch box.  Of course, you can alter the idea. You can enjoy embossment on all sides of the container.

These kinds of containers ensure that the food remains fresh. After all, the manufacturer uses the highest quality metal to ensure its robustness and sturdiness.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 8 x  1x 12 inches
  • Elvis Presley embossed picture
  • Retro Metal Lunch Box

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lunch Box

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lunch Box

For a teenager, especially a boy, finding the right kind of lunch box can be a daunting task After all, the child would want a classy lunch box. You, on the other hand, would want a lunch box that can keep the food warm and fresh.

Fortunately, you now can enjoy the best of both worlds. With this Mutant Ninja Turtle Lunch Box, you can keep the food fresh at the same time; enjoy an element of coolness to the lunch box.

It is a perfect and affordable lunch box. The lunch box has a basic blue theme, perfect for boys. Its vibrant colors make it attractive and eye-catching. It comes with a detachable handle. The lunch box won’t lock unexpectedly due to its metal latch.

Key features:

  • Extremely Portable
  • Cool Colorful Graphics
  • Strong and Robustness Metal material
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 x 3.5

Personalized Tin Lunch Box: Scribbled Name

Personalized Tin Lunch Box china

If you are looking for something different and unique, then you can always get your own personalized tin lunch box. Instead of purchasing what is on the market, go ahead and explore your ideas.

If you want a fewer graphic, yet something different, why not get your own name printed on the lunch box. Yes, you heard us right, you can customize your tin lunch box to have your own name on it.

With the help of expert typesetters, you can design the name as you would design a logo. Add colors, use different font and style and then print that on your own lunch box.

You can place an order with several online tin manufacturers. However, KingPCB is perhaps the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective manufacturer. They will deliver high quality, unique and robustness lunch boxes at your doorstep.

The metal lunch box can have multiple designs and it has dimensions of 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches. This is a sort standard size. You can change it according to your requirements.

Key Features

  • Personalized Name Lunch Box
  • Dimension: 7.75″ × 6″ × 4″
  • Can customize it

Disney Inspired Metal Tin Lunch Box for Girls


Disney Princess Cinderella Metal Girls Tin Lunch Box

Disney Princess Cinderella Metal Girls Lunch Box


We understand that for your little princess, you would want a unique, beautiful and girlish lunch box.  These Disney personalized tin boxes are an excellent option. With Cinderella’s picture out it, your little one would love the lunch box.

The strong tin material would ensure that the food remains warmer and fresh until her lunchtime. Of course, you can change the picture from Cinderella to any other Disney princes that you like.

These high-quality lunch boxes come with an 8” x 6” x 2.5” dimension. You can also alter the dimensions. However, these dimensions are appropriate as they can save a good amount of food and make the graphics look beautiful.

 Key Features

  • Designed for girls
  • Dimensions: 8 ” X 6″ X 2.5″
  • Cinderella Design Metal Lunch Box


Dome Lunch Box

Dome Lunch Boxes


This is the perfect lunch box for your office. It is smart, sleek, and decent. The lunch box can keep the food warm for hours and it is extremely convenient to carry around.

With no flush colors, scribbled names or embossment, the lunch box offer decency. In case, you want to add colors to it, you can customize it. However, we do suggest keeping the graphics limited. After all, the objective of this lunch box is to be simple and sturdy.

The lunch box uses thin gauge tin as the manufacturing material. Due to this reason, it is extremely durable. In addition, the plain dome lunch box is lightweight. You can put fruit, sandwiches and several other things in this amazing box.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Keeps food warm and fresh for hours

Take Away

A lunch box is a very personal thing. Thus, you would want it to be in accord with your likes and requirements. Luckily, with KingPCB, you will never have to worry about lunchboxes again.

KingPCB is a leading tin box manufacturer that excels in selling customized metal boxes. You will not find a more refined and experienced manufacturer for your lunch box.

You can either send them your design or choose from their on-the-shelf designs. No matter, what you choose they will deliver only the highest quality personalized tin lunch box.