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2020-05-21 hqt

Benutzerdefinierte Dosen bringen Ihre Marke auf die nächste Stufe. Mit einer Reihe von maßgeschneiderten Gläsern können Sie sich von der Konkurrenz abheben. Diese kleinen Behälter bieten Ihnen eine günstige, attraktive und einzigartige Möglichkeit, Ihre Marke und Produkte zu bewerben. Mit Hilfe der Bruderverpackung war es nie einfacher, eine eigene Blechdose zu entwerfen. Wir bieten eine Vielzahl verschiedener Druck- und Anpassungstechniken an, um maßgeschneiderte Gläser zu erstellen, die Ihre Marke vollständig repräsentieren können.

Custom Tins Dimension: We measure all cans by external dimensions with the lid closed. If it is to produce a new mold, then our basic size is fixed.

Purchase Order Quantity: The average minimum run is 5, 000 - 10, 000 pieces per shape.

Combination Lithographic design: We can do combination litho runs enabling the small customer to maximize their custom order. We can run up to 3 designs for the same shape that can order.

Metal Proofing: Finished metal proofing samples or flat metal proof will be submitted for approval, printing plates are made, then each color is laid via a printing press on flat sheets of metal. These flat pieces of metal are subsequently trimmed or "slit" and formed into the final tin shape.

Delivery Turnaround: Our standard turnaround time is 30 days once the metal proofing samples are approved by the customer. For large quantities, production turnaround time needs to be extended accordingly.

custom tins-detail

Why choose custom tins?

1. We have an extraordinary variety of sizes, fancy shapes with optional deep embossing.
2. A wide range of tools and dies enables us to provide this selection to our customers.
3. Tooling expertise that can produce just about any shape imaginable.
4. The production runs starting at 3000 pieces.
5. In-House artists and designers will work with you.
6. A modern facility that has 15 production lines.
7. Our experienced staff oversees all aspects of each order.
8. High-quality decorative tins that add value.

How are tins printed?

Most color printing is a four-color process—the combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to produce a virtually unlimited spectrum of color. Printing with special match (PMS), transparent and metallic inks is also available. Customers format their artwork to our supplied layout, our pre-press operation separates the art into its four colors from which printing plates will be ultimately made.

For more information about prices and designing your own custom tins, please contact us at senden Sie eine . We will contact you within one working day. At Brother Packaging, we look forward to assisting you in designing a tin can that will make your product stand out.