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A Comprehensive Guide on Biscuit Tin Manufacturers

2020-01-09 hqt

Biscuit tin manufacturers: Origin, acceptance, and importance


In modern days, we have access to endless biscuit tin manufacturers, thus making it possible for us to keep the biscuits taste and freshness alive. However, this was not always the case.

Yes, people have been enjoying biscuits for decades now, but was it always that easy to transport them across cities? Of course not, to truly enjoy the biscuit one had to have it right out of the oven.

Nonetheless, with technical advancement and unique ideas, people were able to safe guard biscuits for a long, long time.

If you are curious to know the history, the inventor and the importance of having tin boxes for biscuits. Simply read on, in this article we will be discussing all these aspects in detail.


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People are in love with biscuits around the globe. It seems that biscuits have become an important part of everyone's life, may it be evening tea, Valentine's day or birthday.

The great thing about biscuits is that you can wrap them in style. You can give them to people in elegant and smart tin boxes.

To take steps a step further, you can customize these tin boxes to your liking. So, why not make present your loved one with tasty biscuits in smart tin boxes.





The history is important


Were people always able to enjoy tin packaging for biscuit? It may seem impossible to imagine biscuits without in packaging now, but a few decades back there was no concept of tin packaging.


So what exactly are biscuit tins?

In case you are still wondering, what biscuit tin boxes are? We will resolve your dilemma shortly.

Biscuit tin boxes are actually basically steel tin boxes with tin plates.  In lame man terms, we can say that tin cans or containers are storage boxes that help safeguard and transport goods inside them.

There are several types of tin containers or cans. For some, you might have to open one end to gain access to the product inside. A good example is a can of coke.

For others, you actually might have to take the lid off, for example, Hershey’s vintage chocolate boxes.Initially, the tin containers were able to hold a wide range of products including chemical oils, and beverages.

The steel sheets usually have a tin coating. They then are bent according to the desired shape of the container. For instance, take an example of biscuit containers.  You can enjoy circle, rectangle, cylindrical among other shapes.

In addition, it is possible to effortlessly, design these containers. The reason being, tin is an excellent printing platform. It has the ability to enhance the design in an effective manner.


The origin


Now that we know about the basics, let focus on the origin of biscuit tin boxes.

The origin of tin boxes is directly related to the need for European voyagers looking for food that would last for their entire voyage. These people came up with the idea of double-packed biscuits. However, even the double-baked biscuits lost their freshness after a certain time.

Thus, the idea of putting these biscuits into tin boxes came into existence. Although, it took a few hundred years for the biscuit tin manufacturers to come up with the idea, it was worth the wait.


The mastermind


Huntley and Palmers is the mastermind behind the invention of tin boxes for biscuits. These biscuit tin manufactures were the leading biscuit maker in 1900. With more than 5,000 employees, they were selling biscuits around the globe.

The need for double-cooked biscuits and their tin boxes increased in the 1900s due to the increase of cross-Atlantic travels to America. For these travelers, the biscuits served more than plain cookies or a source of food.

On the contrary, they held memories of their home. The tin containers were also able to make an impression that lasted even when the biscuits inside them were finished.


Famous biscuit tins through the history


Now that, you have become familiar with the history of a biscuit tin, boxes, let's focus on how some of these amazing containers made history.

People will always remember certain biscuit containers due to their style and design. Some of these containers are basically the design of famous designers.

These tin manufacturers spent a lot of time and effort in order to come with unique and out of the box ideas.  Below, we did single out the most famous biscuit containers.


The Millennium Clock


When the world was enjoying the transition of one millennium to another, a biscuit tin box manufacturer came with a unique idea. The company was able to enhance the overall feel of entering the new millennium by introducing gold embossed clock design biscuits containers.

The clock hand was set to one minute before midnight. People went crazy for it for the end of the year 1999, and the beginning of a new century.


Vintage biscuit tins


Regardless of the era, people have always been a fan of vintage designs. These tin boxes usually have pictures of historical moments, people, scenes from the field or specific landscapes printed on them.

Among the numerous vintage biscuits tin boxes, we had Huntley and Palmer's vintage biscuits from the 1890’s. The box has a huge pictorial vintage Lords Roberts keens mustard tin-1980s.Even now, you can find the tin box eBay. The price went up to almost 60 euros.


Peek freans pretty penny collection


Most of you must have heard about the amazing Peek Freans biscuit company. The London based company had been delivering outclass biscuits around the globe.

In addition to selling out tasty biscuits, their biscuit tins have been hugely popular. From the time they introduce them until now people are a fan of all well-designed tin containers.

Even now, you can find their vintage collection on eBay. People are selling these vintage tins for pretty penny.






Fit your biscuit in a tin


Biscuits are no longer a food item. They have grown beyond that. They now are a form of sharing, an excellent gift, and a medium to build memories.

For anything to be special, both the inside and the outside should be beautiful. Likewise, to present mouth-watering biscuits to your loved ones, you need to wrap them up properly.

Of course, you can go with the default manufactured boxes by the biscuit company. However, that will not make it special or add sentiments to it.

A better idea is to incorporate a customized tin box. Look for expert biscuit tin manufacturers, and let your heart out. Let your imagination guide you. Add colors, pictures and much more to tin containers to make a lasting expression.

Tin containers not only enhance the visible appearance, but they will also contribute towards the taste of the biscuits.

Below, we have listed the importance of having tin containers.


Retain oven taste and freshness


First and foremost, tin containers have the ability to ensure that the biscuit taste remains the same. Even after days of being packed, once you open them up, they will be fresh.

Another advantage is that despite being open once, the tin retain freshness as long as you close the lid properly.


Enhanced colors and design


Design and colors come to life on the tin, unlike any other material. Let your imagination run wild, and you will not be disappointed by the results.

Studies show that companies offering smart packaging tend to have better leads. To take things one-step ahead, incorporate tin containers.

You can get embossment, geometric designs abstract art, etc. With tin plates, the options are endless.




Another major advantage of using tin packaging is its reusability factor. It is possible to reuse the same packaging for a different purpose.

So, once you are done eating the amazing chocolate biscuits, turn the mesmerizing tin containers into a place to save memories.You can put your pictures, clips or whatever fits in that box. It is possible to turn the box into virtually anything you want.


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When it comes to food packaging, we never encounter something out of the ordinary. Not anymore, thanks to tin plates, you can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

It is possible to bend and blend the tin plates to come up with your desired shapes. You can make tin packaging appealing and interesting.




This is perhaps the main reason, why the packaging industry is becoming a fan of tin packaging.  They can recycle the packaging to a great extent.

The environmental friendly element also appeals to the consumer. Studies show that a consumer is willing to pay extra if they believe the packaging to be recyclable. After all, we all need to pay our part in the war against Global warming.


Importance of choosing the right biscuit tin manufacturers


If you want to add a personal touch to market made cookies and biscuits, a good idea is to use customized tin boxes. Of course, you can always bake cookies at home, put them in smart containers and present them to your loved ones.

We are sure that they will fall in love with not only the biscuits but also the containers. Once you finalize a mesmerizing design for your biscuit containers, the last and perhaps the most important step is to find a reliable tin manufacturer.

With so many people claiming to be one of the leading manufacturers, it can be difficult to find the right one. After all, the result of your idea greatly depends upon the manufacturer. Choosing the right manufacturer will ensure quality containers.

So, the question here is how to choose the right manufacturer. Below we have listed some qualities of a high-end manufacturer. Just make sure that your manufacturer has these qualities.

  • Has a visible digital presence
  • Regularly updated website
  • Efficient customer service
  • Testimonials
  • Meet the industry standards of manufacturing
  • Have the required certification
  • Has experience
  • Offer insight to their business methodologies
  • Use state of the art equipment
  • Contributes towards the war against global warming
  • Have learned staff onboard


If a company has all the above features, it is bound to deliver outstanding results. Unfortunately, many companies do not meet the expectation. Tin-Packaging, on the other end, is your one-stop to all customized tin packaging.

They are reliable and efficient. Their years of experience make it possible for them to deliver a high-quality product. They will ensure that every tin box meets the highest industry standards. They will also incorporate the latest trends and designs to make sure that their clients remain a step ahead of their competition.

Another advantage of Tin-Packaging is their reasonable prices. Despite offering outstanding quality, they will never overcharge you. In fact, it is very difficult to meet their competitive prices.

Their learned and knowledge staff adds more to their appeal. You can reach out to them at any time of the day, and their skilled customer representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible. After all, the main objective is to satisfy their consumers in every possible way.

They work with every client at an individual level to produce products that are unique and attractive. They offer amazing services, thus ensuring that every client is happy with their work.

What more is the long list of testimonials present on their website. It shows that people working with them, or people who have worked in the past are extremely satisfied with not only their products but also their services.




Reach out to amazing biscuit tin manufacturers to add a personal touch to your biscuits. After all, biscuits are a token of love. They help you express your love to your beloved in a unique manner.

To ensure that you convey your feeling properly, just make sure that you have a smart and elegant wrapping. Use bright and vibrant colors with different and unique designs.

You can get pictures or names embossed to increase the overall appeal of the tin boxes. So, what are you waiting for? Express your love in a perfect way via smart tin boxes.