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Proveedores de cajas de hojalata redondas: empresa líder para los clientes

2020-06-17 hqt

¿Por qué elegir Brother Packaging (HK) Limited? Proveedores de Caja redonda de la lata

Brother Packaging (HK) Limited is an exemplary and quality round tin box suppliers in the country. The reliability and super performance of the tin products are appraised by the industrial people and customers in general. The client's specific needs are fulfilled by these topnotch tin products by the company. The tin products or tin boxes are manufactured by the people who have vast industry experience. The finest quality raw material is used to make these tin products by the industry. The competitive market prices are the major highlight of the products. This company is specialized in making quality tin boxes that are used for different purposes by the customers.

Company's success

The company manufactures a wide range of tin boxes for the customers for packing biscuits, chocolates, tea, and coffee. Also, the tin boxes are used for marketing professionals as gift items for promotional purposes. The paper can and paper tube products are also made for other packaging purposes. Fulfilling the exact quality requirement of the customer is the main goal of this packaging company. The success of this tin packaging company is mainly due to its stringent quality policies in all departments of the company. The highly qualified engineering and design team stand high as pillars for the company's success. The experience and expertise of the company help others to learn packaging services. The food packaging tins, gift, and promotion tins and household items are the major products of the company.

round tin box suppliers

Services offered-chocolate tin box

Let us see the wide range of services offered by this tin making company(round tin box suppliers) in depth. The services are jaw-dropping and absolutely eye-catching in all aspects. Chocolate tin boxes are manufactured by this company are worth the money of the customer. Different sizes and shapes are undertaken by the team of experts. The major types of chocolate boxes are display, pillow, and gift boxes. Depending upon the requirement of customers, the order is taken to produce. A designer who is entrusted with the job of availing details of the products and the same is designed on the tin box with exclusive design. The printing is done after designing tasks by the company and the customers can avail of all the three sizes namely small, medium, and larger boxes.

The preference of customers toward custom tins

High preference of the customers is seen towards custom tins and
round tin box suppliers due to many reasons. The major reason is the availability of different sizes and shapes of tins. Embossing is also done on the tin boxes by the specialized designers. A minimum of 3000 pieces is done at a time with various designs. The shape imagined by a customer is exactly arrived by the team of experts. The professionals only measure outside tin dimensions alone for making. Other successful features included in the custom tins are lithographic design and metal proofing. Totally, four colors are used for color printing tasks at the company.

Another vertical -
Round tin box suppliers

The contract packaging process is another vertical of the tin packaging company. The vast experience of the professionals is helpful to advise others on aspects like mold and production. The availability of ready-made packaged products makes clients so happy and helpful. The products are perfectly stored and air tightened with a tamper-resistant seal. A team of experts of this tin packaging company is always ready for any outsourcing packaging work. The reason is that they are masters in all departments of the packing field. The customer or any business professional can call the expert of the company for any assistance in packaging work.

The company makes personalized tin boxes with the customers' logo and brand. The professionals will deliver personalized tin boxes to the customers within three weeks. Once the artwork from the customer is obtained, the workers start working on it in a committed way. Vinyl or plain paper is used during the labeling task of the company. The tin box is delivered to the customers with proper labeling. Screen printing and flatbed printing tasks are included during the manufacturing of the tin boxes.

Bespoke tins

The bespoke tins are the exclusive highlight of this tin packaging company. These tins have the image created by the customers as per their wish. The same image is incorporated on the tin boxes with the help of world-class designers of the company. This company has contact with local and global brands for making the personalized tin boxes. Your brand of bespoke tins is delivered to the customer only getting the concurrence beforehand. The PDF proof of the tin sample is shown to the customer who ordered for final output.

Asides from other types of tin boxes, the Brother packaging company is also involved in making food tin boxes. The food tin boxes are made in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the customer. The expectations of many customers are fulfilled by making animated lunch boxes. These boxes are made with high care by perfect safety measures while making. The tin food boxes are made of healthy material. The major features of these boxes are dust-proof and insect resistant. Moreover, the durability of these food tin boxes is strong. The major shapes of the food tin boxes available for the customers are round tin box, square tin box. aluminum, plastic, and a rectangular tin box.

Amazing equipment

The whole production process of the tin packaging starts from procuring till shipping is taken care of by the highly talented professionals. The advanced equipment of the company has been making the entire process success and top on the line.

Big brands -
Round tin box suppliers

The world's biggest brands like coca-cola, Lipton, Nestle, etc are some of the major clients of this tin packaging company. The success of the tin making company is attributed to the dedication and commitment of the expert's team. The vast years of industry experience have made the tin packaging company number one in the market. The attractive features like the competitive price of the products, food safety measures, on-time delivery, ISO certification, and most tremendous experience on the food package are major highlights of the tin packaging company.