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Proveedores de cajas de lata de regalo: La ciencia del envoltorio de regalo

2020-09-21 hqt

A Study Showing the Importance of Gift Tin Box or other Wrapping Gift ideas


There is a famous adage “Looks can be deceiving”! This holds extremely in the case of gift-giving. After all, the right kind of gift wrapping tends to enhance the overall look of your gift. Perhaps, this is the reason that consumers in the U.S. spend millions of dollars on gift wrapping. To take gift wrapping to a whole new level, you can take assistance from gift tin box suppliers. We can assure a smart, well-designed tin box is the perfect way to present your gift.

Of course, there are other ways to wrapping your gift, but most of them lack the quality, the look, and the fell of a customized gift tin box. Since the gift wrap is the perfect way to make your gift stand out. Here is all that you need to learn about the science behind gift wrapping.

The Reasons for Gift Tin Box Wrapping

Some of you might be completely skilled at wrapping a gift, but most of us never get the hang of tying the bows and ribbons. If you belong to the latter category, we recommend you can reach out to gift tin box suppliers.

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Neat Vs Sloppy

The Journal of Consumer Psychology at Nevada University published a paper that claimed the importance of gift wrapping. The study incorporated three different experiments regarding gift wrapping.

In the first experiment, there were about 180 students within the university. They volunteered as the exercise provided them with an extra credit exercise. When they arrived, every student was handed over a gift.

The gift was a token of appreciation for them participating. The gift was a coffee mug that had the NBA basket team logo printed onto. We are already established the fact that all the students were a fan of the game. Everyone was happy to see the gift.

The main objective here was to present half of the students with a desirable gift, whereas the other half would be getting a gift that they won’t like. Next, not all gifts had flawless wrapping. On the contrary, half he gifts came with beautiful, bow and ribbons intact wrapping.

Whereas, the other halves received a gift with sloppy packaging. After wrapping the gift, the study focused on how they reacted to their gifts.

Managing Expectations

In order to understand, the study recruited another set of students. These students were responsible for reporting their expectations after they show the image of both a sloppy as well as a neatly wrapped gift. They were to describe their expectations before they saw the gift-wrapped inside.

Every participant was to imagine the opening of the gift. They were then to record whether the gift was up to their expectations or not. So, the results show that the expectations were higher for gifts that were wrapped properly in comparison to the ones that had a sloppy wrapping.

However, upon opening the students with great wrapping were disappointed in comparison to the ones who received the gift in sloppy packaging. So, this indicates that the packaging or the wrapping of the gift would give people the clue as to how good the gift will be.

If the gift is wrapped neatly, it would raise the bar for the gift. However, in case, the wrapping isn’t great, people would have a lower expectation regarding the gift. Thus, when you are planning to gift someone and you want it to look and feel special, make sure that you choose professional gift tin box suppliers to provide you with customized tin boxes.

Friends Vs Acquaintances

In the third experiment of the study, the objective was to find whether the effect of gift wrapping depends upon the relationship between the giver and the receiver. Would it make a difference if the giver is just an acquaintance or a close friend?

261 adults took part in the study. There were asked to image a secret gift exchanging at a party. All these participants came up with some images. Some imagined receiving sloppily packed gifts, while imagined having neatly packaged gifts.

Next, half were requested to imagine that the gift came from a close friend. The other half was to imagine that the gift was from an acquaintance. After this, the gifts were unveiled. Now, the participants were to rate the gift.

So, when the gift came from the acquaintance, the participant preferred a neatly wrapped gift. However, in the case of close friends, they didn’t even mind the sloppy wrapping.

Why Choose Gift Tin Box Packaging?

Even though the study shows that close friends didn’t mind sloppy wrapping. However, we believe that they would prefer a well-packed and wrapped gift as well. After all, anything that looks pleasing to look at would yield better results.

The same is the case with packaging. So, choosing the right los proveedores de cajas de lata de regalo would help you make the right impression with your gift. After all, tin is the king of material when it comes to packaging or wrapping.

It offers diversity and variety. You can enjoy numerous finishes, vibrant colors, and amazing techniques to ensure that your gift packaging is out of the ordinary. What more is that these packagings come cheap. Therefore, they will not cause any dent in your pocket.

With tin packaging, especially the right one, you can have the other person’s undivided attention. You will be able to not only make your gift stand out but at the same time, you will be able to make an outstanding impression.

To further enhance the appeal of your gift, make sure that the wrapping is reusable. In this case, even after using your gift, the person would be able to remember by as he or she would reuse the packaging for another purpose.

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Leading Custom Tin Box Suppliers

The study was to show why gift wrapping is important. If you are searching for a reliable gift tin box supplier, we recommend that you reach out to us today. After all, we have the experience and the skill to design and develop one of the greatest gift wrappings.

Además, ofrecemos la posibilidad de personalizar su envoltorio de regalo para adaptarlo a los requisitos individuales. Después de todo, es tu regalo y debes ser el jefe de su empaque.