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Les 3 bouteilles de vin les plus célèbres en gros en ligne en 2020

2020-11-12 hqt

Pourquoi l'étain est-il également important pour vos meilleurs vins?

Wine Tin Bottles Wholesale Online

Hey! Êtes-vous à la recherche des meilleures bouteilles de vin en gros en ligne? Mais vous ne savez pas quel est le meilleur design avec un look parfait. Nous sommes ici pour vous expliquer le meilleur design et la meilleure forme de certaines bouteilles de vin en étain les plus célèbres.

Basically, wine tin bottles are as similar to humans. As human are of several shapes, colors and sizes, etc. So, wine bottles also have the same theories. Today there are very elegant shapes of wine bottles. Moreover, you can select according to your likes, needs and interests.

Furthermore, you get lots of advantages when you purchase them from online wholesale services in,

  • Price
  • design
  • shapes, etc.

You can also see the whole designs, color ranges and styles from wine tin bottles wholesale online services. Furthermore, each design and color have its own significance behind. If you are not sure about the advantages of their different styles and colors.

So, we are here with some closer looks at the types of bottles and their style elegancy. Hence, the wine lovers and dealers can select among these which suits them the most.

Different parts of wine tin bottles wholesale online

If you are beginners and don’t know about the shapes of wine bottles in detail. So, we are here to fully guide you about all the basics of win tin bottles. We hope that after reading this guide you will be able to know deeply about all the essential elements of wine bottles designs.

Basically, all types of wine tin bottles have their special shapes and bottles. Furthermore, you can see several shapes and colors in the market. But here is their complete structure information.

Generally, there are 5 different parts of every wine bottle. And you should get the whole details about them before get wine tin bottles wholesale online service. Their length and width differ from each other but have the same parts.

These parts are:

  1. Crown
  2. Neck
  3. Épaules de la bouteille
  4. Corps restant

Nous allons maintenant discuter en profondeur de chacune des parties ci-dessus.


L'autre nom de cette partie est anneau. Cette partie sert à fermer hermétiquement la bouteille. Au début, les gens utilisaient le bouchon pour fermer hermétiquement la bouteille de vin. Ils ont également utilisé de la cire à cacheter pour sceller plus fermement.


En fait, cette partie de la bouteille de vin est la plus précise et la plus étroite. Il peut être grand ou petit dans différentes bouteilles. De plus, le déversement du vin commence à partir de cette partie de la bouteille.


Épaule de la bouteille:

Les épaules assurent la connexion entre le cou et le reste du corps. La partie de l'épaule est vraiment importante pour la décantation et le versement de la boisson.

Le corps restant:

En fait, c'est la partie spacieuse de toute la bouteille de vin. L'ensemble de la boisson ou du vin reste dans cette partie de la bouteille.

Base de la bouteille:

The base is the part where the all shape of the bottle depends to stand in a right position. In fact, base allows the bottle in order to maintain the vertical position. Base also has a less or more punt which varies in different bottles.

What are the advantages of tin for wine tin bottles wholesale online?

There are many benefits of tin canes and it is your best decision to order wine tin bottles wholesale online. Glass is another choice for wine bottles and it looks classy and elegant. Moreover, glass is also a safe object in comparison to plastic but it is breakable. So, it can be dangerous in many situations.

Wine Tin Bottles Wholesale Online Suppliers

Basically, tin is safe in all cases whether it is relating to germs or breakage. So, here we are to describe some benefits to use tin for your wine bottles. And these are:

  • Tin cans are extremely sustainable. You can recycle them easily.
  • Moreover, tin bottles and cans actually need less energy and lesser resources.
  • They retain the original taste and don’t spoil the real fragrance of your favorite wine.
  • One of the best benefits is that tin cans keep the temperature for long time whether cold or normal.
  • You can simply improve the health of both, your planet and yourself.
  • Tin cans positively change your lifestyle.
  • Using tin cans is a cheaper and safer habit in comparison to glass bottles
  • To ordervin en étain bottles wholesale online is more convenient way to get best tin cans.
  • you can also improve the whole environment by using these tin cans as they are recyclable.
  • These tin cans bottles keep your wine all the germs and bacteria free.

What are the 3 main shapes of wine tin bottles wholesale online?

There are different sizes, styles and shapes of wine tin bottles. They are actually the results from different traditional glassblowing methods from all over the world. Winemakers adapt these designs according to the type and needs of wine.

Furthermore, there are actually three basic shapes and designed of wine bottles which you find in the market and from online services. In fact, when we peeped in the past, we find that the wine bottles were assigned names according to their regions.

Moreover, you can easily recognize the original name of wine by recognizing the style and shape of wine bottle. But before you order vin en étain bottles wholesale online, you should completely know about their detail information.

The 3 basic shapes and styles of wine bottles are:


It will be right to say that actually it is one of the most popular bottles for wine in the world. It has actually come from the region of France, the Bordeaux. Moreover, its shape has,


  • unique high shoulders
  • highly straight sides
  • several elegant colors.

This bottle has usually made use to serve heavier reds. Its more traditional bottle come in 500mL and its shape is more rounded. It has come from Bordeaux (France), the iconic region for world's best wine. Its shape is extremely tall and proud.

You can see that this design has adopted by almost all no.1 wine making countries of the world. This modern shape has ideally designed for aging and export. It has ability to protect the wine from rough and uneven journeys of overseas. In addition, its long neck helps to catch and maintain the sediment which helps in the long ages of wine.

Moreover, they are actually glass bottles but now are coming in tin packaging also. Hence, by using the service of vin en étain bottles wholesale online, you can easily get the Bordeaux bottles.


This shape was actually established in France in 19e  century. The Burgundy region of France was its origin. This bottle has,

  • sloping shoulders
  • graceful looks
  • very easy shape to produce

It has great global popularity because it is really easy to produce it in glass as well as tin or metal. Its standard volume had set at 750mL which suits the human perfectly. This has a sexy and sensational look. It has nice flowing gentle lines and comes in quite shorter neck.

It actually has no long shoulders to show off. Moreover, it has wavy slope at the top.

The Champagne

Its shape is mostly as the Burgundy bottle. Furthermore, this bottle has created from much heavier and stronger glass and metal. It actually has ability to withstand in the pressure of all bubbles. Its most elegant style has basically copied by most of the best wine producers the world over.

Ces bouteilles sont les meilleures pendant la haute pression de carbonisation. De plus, les Anglais ont conçu ces bouteilles idéalement pour un meilleur poids et une meilleure forme. Au 17ème siècle, ce design a été créé et est devenu célèbre pour ses meilleurs avantages.


Ces 3 styles et formes de base que nous avons décrits ci-dessus sont mondialement connus. Ils sont les meilleurs dans le verre et les métaux. Vous pouvez facilement les obtenir auprès des vin en étain bottles wholesale online services. All shapes are ideal and suits according to your needs and demands specifically.