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Kemasan box kaleng siap pakai untuk souvenir dan gif

2020-10-12 hqt

e fully understand the importance of beautifully crafted and necessary gifts and original gifts. Therefore, for a long time, we have developed ready-made metal packaging of various shapes and sizes. It is very convenient to give gifts to your customers and business partners in such boxes. You no longer need to waste time making your own souvenir packaging box, just buy ready-made packaging. The tin box looks very stylish and easy to apply.

Ready-made tin box packaging

Type of gift packaging (boxed)
We draw your attention to some options for gift boxes made of metal, which are designed to provide a quick solution with packaged souvenirs. Put the logo on the lid of the box, and voila, you're ready to display your gift. Fast and cheap!

In addition, this tin can packaging will be kept by your customers and partners for a long time, because it can be seen from practice that metal packaging will not be discarded like cardboard packaging, but will be used for long-term storage of various small objects and souvenirs. Now imagine that your logo will show off on the lid of such a metal box and remind you all the time, and evoke a pleasant connection between you and the company. Isn't this the result of a gift or gift?

Rectangular tin box
Box size: 9.3x5.7x2.1 cm
Weight: 33.47g
Material: tin.
Production: China

Tinplate Box Medium-Round
Box size: 15.3 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in height.
Weight: 33.47g
Material: tin.
Production: China

Advantages of ready-made metal boxes

Metal boxes in a printing factory warehouse
In our modern printing factory, various tin boxes are displayed. We draw your attention to the various metal packaging used for various tasks. Our metal boxes are suitable for small and small gifts and large items. We not only have ready-made tin boxes, but also cardboard boxes. The ready-made packaging in the warehouse eliminates the complex problems of making boxes from scratch and speeds up the entire production process. All you have to do is paint the box and then put the gift in it. If you need to donate fragile items, we recommend using special fillers, which we also sell with the box.

Tin Packaging-Made in China

Our products are made of Chinese materials. By purchasing our metal boxes, you can not only save time and money, but also help domestic manufacturers. By purchasing finished packaging to solve your problems, you can provide support for the production of souvenir products in China. By placing an order with our company, you can contribute to future projects.

Ready-made metal boxes help the new year

When the long-awaited New Year comes, everyone tries to please close friends, colleagues and business partners. Of course, everyone began to prepare all kinds of unforgettable gifts and souvenirs. However, no matter what you give as a gift, you need to pack it, and then a major question arises: how and how to pack the gift? Moreover, this packaging will carry your company's logo, while being reliable and memorable. We are here to rescue! In the printing factory, we provide ready-made tin boxes. We provide you with a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can pack different souvenirs and gifts. In addition, in order to improve safety and make the gift look more beautiful, we recommend using special colored fillers in the box. And of course,

Logo printing on tin packaging

Pencetakan UV pada kemasan kado kertas timah.
Kami menyediakan layanan untuk mengaplikasikan logo pada kotak logam jadi. Kami memiliki stok printer UV yang dapat menerapkan gambar berwarna ke kemasan kaleng dan karton yang sudah jadi. Layanan ini akan selalu bermanfaat bagi mereka yang berencana memesan kaleng siap pakai berlogo perusahaan. Setuju, sangat nyaman untuk memesan versi cetak lengkap di pabrik percetakan, tanpa harus pergi ke perusahaan lain, dan tidak akan membuang waktu dan uang Anda yang berharga. Selain itu, jika Anda memesan pesanan yang kompleks termasuk kemasan kaleng dari kami, kami akan memberikan diskon lebih banyak untuk biaya cetak dan produk timah itu sendiri. Waktu rata-rata untuk mengaplikasikan logo pada logam adalah 3 hingga 10 hari kerja.