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Pemasok Grosir Lilin Kaleng: Panduan Pembelian | 2020

2020-06-15 hqt

5 Kesalahan yang Harus Dihindari saat membeli dari Pemasok Grosir Lilin

Terkadang, pengalaman Anda yang terbatas dengan pemasok kaleng lilin grosir mengakibatkan Anda membuat kesalahan paling umum. Kesalahan ini berdampak buruk pada bisnis Anda. Oleh karena itu, penting untuk mengatasinya.

There are two ways to overcome these mistakes, either you learn them via personal experience or you read on. After all, the objective of this blog post is to help consumers make the right decision when it comes to buying from a candle tin supplier.

Still with us?

Great, now we shall move onto the next step. Below, we have listed the common mistakes that many consumers make.

Common Mistakes When buying from a Supplier

Wholesale Candle Tins Suppliers

Going after the Fad

A well-equipped supplier would always be updated regarding the current trends. They would know the perfect timing of the product. However, sometimes, the supplier might mislead the consumer, just to sell.

For instance, they might tell you that those beautiful abstract art candles are still in fashion. However, they were the fad of the previous years. You might just invest in those candle tins, without doing research on your end.

Those candle tins might have worked for a certain party in the previous year. However, most of the people are over the fad now. Investing in something that was a hit in 2018, while you being in 2020, is really not a great idea.

A supplier whose objective is to nurture a long-time business with you would never suggest this speculative behavior. They would know that time is critical when it comes to exploiting the product.

Thus, they would guide you accordingly. Moreover, they fully comprehend that identifying the perfect timings would a tricky thing to do. So, to play safe, a reliable supplier would help you make a wiser choice.

They would recommend products that are universal and have the capacity to sustain a long-term business plan.

Low-Value Products

We understand affordability is usually a consumer’s top priority. However, when choosing your style and design, make sure that you do have a uniqueness to it. When you are offering a low-value candle tin, there are two major problems for it.

  • Low-value added
  • Fierce competition

When you purchase a basic tin container from a wholesaler, it is hardly the thing to impress your audience. Of course, you would want to make it more presentable and attractive. For that, you would need product enhancements.

The additional enhancements are going to cause you more. In the end, they might not remain as affordable containers as they were when you started. In addition, these low-value containers have fierce competition.

For example, a man chooses to sell candle tins on Amazon. He reached out to a candle supplier in China, he was able to get really basic and inexpensive candle tin boxes. Although, the idea has an appeal to it i.e. you can sell basic candle tins at an extremely affording price.

However, it turns out that a lot of people are already selling similar tins on Amazon. Some of them have a well-established business. So, the result is, you just might end up having most of these tins in your warehouse.

Cooperation with a Factory is not only the best Solution

When you are looking for wholesale candle tins suppliers, you might think that reaching out to the factory would be a better option. You might decide this on the assumption, that factories would offer your more favorable prices in comparison to the trading companies.

We are not saying that this bit of information is incorrect. It does have its merits; however, it is not entirely correct as well. Limiting yourself to factories might work for some, and at the same time, it might cause problems for others.

We do not recommend that you ignore your business model and scale just to reach out to the factory thinking that it would enable you to gain better profits. For example, when you are sourcing from a supplier on Alibaba, it is difficult to identify the real factories, despite all the claims made by the suppliers.

Nonetheless, it is not the factories and the trading companies that require your attention. On the contrary, it is making the tradeoff between prices, products, and services. These are the key factors that you should consider.

Generally, all good suppliers would have the following basic characteristics.


See their attitude and their dealings. You need to focus on how they react towards their problem and what actions are they taking to solve them. If they are serious about their business, they would look after even a slight problem.

If not, they might simply come up with excuses or play the blame game.

Efficiency of communication

In modern-day, communication is the key to developing a successful relationship with the consumer. A good supplier would ensure that there is proper communication between him and the client. They would solve all the problems in the best possible way.

Supplier’s Salesman’s Expertise

Experience counts in every field and aspect of the business. So, when you are planning to buy from a wholesale candle tins supplier, see if they have experienced salesmen. Well-trained and experienced salesmen show that these people have been in business long enough to deliver what is needed.

A balance between Price and Quality

If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. For a supplier offering extremely low rates, it is a red flag. They are definitely compromising on the quality, manufacturing, or any other aspect. This can really have an adverse impact on your business.

After all, the candle tins are there for display. If they give a cheap and low-quality look, it is highly less likely that people would buy them. Regardless of how inexpensive you are selling them.

Note: Both Factories and Trading companies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Buying from Alibaba Gold Supplier

If you search online on how to buy from Alibaba, you will come across blog posts claiming to buy from only the Alibaba’s “Gold Suppliers”. These people believe that the word “Gold” is interchangeable for “Great”. Thus, the recommendation.

However, you are in for a surprise. Most suppliers on Alibaba are the “Gold Suppliers”. Wondering how is that possible. Most suppliers cannot be the best. So, the quick answer is that Alibaba refers to the paid suppliers as the “Gold Suppliers”. So, this means, anyone who pays can have the label attached to itself.

Regardless of the quality of their products and their services. They would still claim to be Gold Suppliers. Therefore, you need to focus on the following when buying from a supplier.

  • Timely Communication
  • They take responsibility in case of a problem
  • You should properly study the samples that the supplier has sent you.
Buying form Wholesale Candle Tins Suppliers offering the Cheapest Quote

When you see a supplier offering extremely cheap rates, as an importer it would make you palpitate with excitement. You will always come across such suppliers. We are not saying that you should not purchase from a supplier that offers cheap rates.

However, do bear in mind that extremely low prices often mean additional problems. So, before you buy from a supplier, ensure that they have some experience in the field.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best manufacturer. In addition, you need to beware of suppliers who would first lure you in with cheap pricing.

However, after the initial deposit, they will increase the price. So, now you are stuck as you already have given money to them. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Avoid buying from suppliers that offer the impossible.

Wholesale Candle Tins Suppliers in china

Take Away 

When reaching out to wholesale candle tins suppliers, just make sure that they have experience and are reliable. Check out their reference and testimonials for security's sake. Tin-Packaging is the leading tin box company. You can reach out to them for your candle tin boxes.