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Tin Kopi

Pengilang kotak timah kopi khas China, kami menghasilkan tin kopi, kotak timah kopi, dan sebagainya. Harganya berpatutan dan anda boleh mempercayainya.

The company has a senior professional design team dedicated to the technical development and research of coffee tins, packaging cans, coffee containers, and other products for more than 10 years. Its rich design experience has been dedicated to the research and development and design of self-branded products, which can be researched on site for customers. To solve the problems and defects in the fundamental solution, common coffee pot materials are mainly paper, coffee powder cans, cans, coffee appliances, plastics, and tinplate. And tinplate coffee pots are generally mainly filled with coffee beans or coffee powder.

There are more coffee cans and better quality factories in China. Tinplate coffee cans are not easy to break, they are beautifully printed, easy to transport, diverse in style, and have good sealing. First choice for coffee pot manufacturers.