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Kepentingan Kotak Tin untuk Pembungkusan Makanan

2020-01-07 hqt

Mengapa menggunakan Kotak Tin Elegant, Pintar dan Kuat untuk Pembungkusan


Tidak ada cara yang lebih baik untuk mengemas produk anda kemudian membungkusnya dalam kotak timah yang pintar, direka dengan baik, elegan dan kukuh. Pembungkusan Tin Box menawarkan faedah yang tidak berkesudahan, dan mungkin itulah sebabnya orang telah menggunakannya selama bertahun-tahun.

The history of Tin Box packaging dates decades back, its robustness and effective makes it the first choice for a wide variety of industries around the globe. Since you can manipulate tin plates as per your need, thus you can come up with any size, shape, and design.

Although, we more commonly tend to see a square, rectangle or cylindrical boxes, but it is possible to come up with any shape. The technological advancement in the tin packaging industry makes it possible to design unique and out of the box, tin packaging.

Tin Box packaging has a great impact on the food industry. The idea of preserving the food in smart and elegant containers further enhances its appeal. We truly understand why tin packaging is imperative for the food industry.

In case, you still have your doubts, simply read on. We plan to present you with a complete guide on why tin is an excellent material for food packaging and what are its technical requirements.


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Consumer Satisfaction

 Feedback is important

Non-corrosive products

Technical Requirements





When you choose a well-designed and high-quality packaging products, it is bound to have a positive impact on your business. We can guarantee you that the right packaging technique assures your business prosperity.

Of course, choosing the right packaging manufacturer is imperative to end a high-quality end-product. After all, it is not possible to have a strong tree without a strong basis. Unlike, many manufacturers that claim to meet the high industry standard, Tin-Packaging, deliver what they promise.

They have specialized in industrial, retail and food packaging.  They provide you the opportunity to design your own food packaging. At the same time, they present you with a wide range of designs for your product packaging.

They firmly believe in delivering quality and for that, they would give in their one hundred percent. They understand the value of packing foods in tin boxes that are robust, offer longer shelf life and hygiene.

The firm does firmly believe that with tin packaging and state of the art equipment, the sky is the limit. So, do not let anything hold you back and enjoy the outstanding perks of having a tin packaging.





Consumer Satisfaction


The main objective of having a customized tin packaging is to offer consumer satisfaction. Of course, when a client finds your food packaging interesting, he or she is bound to buy it. In most cases, they will save those tin box packaging and utilize them in any other form.

Similarly, the food industries investing in tin box packaging are always in search of something different. They want to ensure that the product they choose offers customer satisfaction. Therefore, the packaging consumer needs to understand the importance of spending quality time on the design of the product.

Instead of making quick cash, they need to do proper research on how a certain type of packaging will propel their consumer’s food business. They should guarantee the satisfaction of their respected clients with their elegant merchandised tin containers.


Feedback is imperative


For any business, feedback is critical. Having feedback, both negative and positive, helps a business grow. The same is the case with the tin packaging food industry. When a client provides feedback, the manufacturer is able to identify its strengths as well as pinpoint its weakness.

Tin-packaging completely believes in taking feedback. They offer the facility to their consumers to provide both negative as well as positive feedback. If a client is not content with their services or product, they can reach out to the company’s representative.

The skilled and knowledgeable representatives will resolve their issue in no time.  After all the objective of the company is to ensure that, the client is satisfied with their product and services. They want to ensure that their consumer thoroughly enjoys their product and services.


Non-corrosive tin boxes


Food is an important part of our lives; therefore, its packaging should offer an extreme level of hygiene. To ensure hygiene, you need to use only the best quality of tin packaging. It is important to ensure that the packaging manufacturer provides a series of test offer high-quality tin box packaging for the food items. Their experts should make sure that the containers are not corrosive or acidic in any way.

The containers should not rust and do not have decay or putrefaction.  There are not many manufacturers that consider these quality standards.Tin-packaging, on the other hand, ensures that their food cans are perfect in every way.

They work hard towards achieving high-quality containers and having a positive impact on the consumer’s clientage. Tin-packaging promises to deliver high-quality end products. They ensure that when consumers rush to pick your product, they are sure that they will get the high standards of healthy living in every possible way.


Features of Tin Boxes


Below, we have highlighted the important features of Tin-packaging containers.

  • They offer safe handling for consumers
  • Clients can enjoy quality texture and comparison
  • Offer durability
  • Have a long-lasting appeal
  • Cleaning is simple and effortless
  • Offers a wide range of sizes and shapes, while retaining high quality


Technical Requirement of Tin packaging


Like any other industry, even the tin packaging industries have a set standard of certification. A good manufacturer will always meet these standards.  For an effective food manufacturer, you need to go beyond marketing considerations, labeling considerations, and consumer appeal.

What is more important is to pay close heed to the technical considerations and nutrition satisfaction.  The manufacturer tends to mainly, focus on developing the most hygienic food packaging. They should invest time, money and energy in order to come up with high-quality containers.

A good manufacturer needs to come up with products that speak for them. Instead of claiming that they offer outstanding products, their products should present quality and grace.


Technical Consideration


Tin containers represent quality and elegance. Good quality packaging should be able to illustrate its technical stance even from a distance. It should give the consumer the impression of standard and quality. After all, the first impression is often the last impression.

Your tin packaging should have all the important characteristics that help it qualify as the first choice for good packaging. High-end manufacturers like Tin-packaging, have experts on board. These experts ensure that the box has the following characteristic to its technical aspect.

  • The product packaging should be all rounded. It should be compatible with the processing of the product, the product itself and its storage conditions.
  • The packaging should be robust enough to withstand distribution and shipping. It should be able to keep the product safe during transportation.
  • The packing should not rust. It should long-lasting.
  • Tin containers should not decay.
  • They should be free from chemicals
  • Free from physical crumbling and biological sources of deterioration


Quality Assurance


For consumers, one of the most important things is the quality of the product. Nothing and we repeat our self, nothing stimulates the client more than a high-quality product. The surety that the product offers only the best is the best way to clear all their doubts.

Tin-packaging designs boxes that offer quality from end to end. To deliver outclass end products, they use high-quality raw material. Their raw material supports food packaging in every possible way. After all, they would never want their packaging has an adverse effect on the consumers' health.

Consider the following features for Reliable Food Boxes


Raw Material


First and foremost, you need to pay close heed to the type of raw material you are planning to use for your packaging. It can be glass, plastic or metal. As a leading packaging company, we offer a wide range of raw materials, but we always recommend our clients tin packaging.

You can use more than two materials, just make sure that the material that comes in contact with the food item should be tin. Tin packaging promises reliability and effectiveness.




The shape has a direct impact on how consumers perceive your product. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right shape. In addition to looking smart, the shape of the packaging should also be easy to maintain and transport.

The consumers should be able to store the tin boxes without trouble. They should be able to use them for other purposes as well.




Lid plays an important role in increasing the shelf life of the product. After all, it is the lid responsibility to prevent the entry of all and every type of dirt and moisture. If moisture is able to penetrate through the lid, it will have an adverse effect on the eatables.

It is more likely that bacteria are formed inside the box, thus rendering the food item useless. It is important for the manufacturer to offer containers with perfect fitting lids. Only this way will they be able to offer high-quality products and longer shelf life.




In today’s world, the product, as well as the packaging, should be environmentally friendly. There is no material as environmentally friendly as tin. It does not contribute to world pollution. In fact, it is among the few materials that are a hundred percent recyclable.

In addition to being recyclable, it is possible to reuse the same tin containers for other purposes. For instance, you bought a square chocolate container. Once you have finished the product, you can simply reuse the container for storing your hair accessories.

The reusability factor is among the leading reasons why consumers today prefer having tin packaging instead of plastic or paper.


Tamper Proof


It is possible to recycle glass and it looks smart and elegant. However, it lacks the robustness that tin packaging offers. Glass is a fragile form of packaging, it can easily break especially during transportation.

Tin packaging, on the contrary, offers a great deal of strength. It ensures that the product inside it is safe even during harsh conditions. It is not possible to break tin packaging easily.




Convince is another factor that a consumer is looking for in a product. It is easy to carry a product; he or she is bound to buy it. After all, they want something that offers the best of both worlds. Tin packaging is among the few materials that offer a great deal of convinces as well as robustness.

To, further enhance the convenience factor; manufacturers tend to incorporate handles with the boxes. This makes it very easy for the consumer to lift and carry the product.


Design Labeling


Like the quality of the product, its outer appearance also holds great importance, especially in the food industry. Imagine, you are selling pancakes and its packaging looks dirty and unclean. Do you think consumers will buy the product?

We can assure you that they will not. It is something eatable, thus the packaging needs to be neat and clean as well. In addition, your packaging it the perfect way to convey your message to your current and potential consumers.

A classy, elegant, yet convenient packaging is bound to attract the consumer. If they reuse your product packaging, they are indirectly advertising your product within their circle. Therefore, just make sure that packaging offers style and robustness at the same time.




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Take away


In the food industry, consumers are always in search of products that offer safe packaging such as tin boxes. They want the food item to contribute towards their healthy lifestyle. If you plan to go with frozen food, they would want the food should be clean and natural.

They would even want that packaging to be chemical-free. After all, the food inside is constantly in contact with the packaging. If something has chemical decomposition, it is bound to have an impact on the product inside.

Among the safest material, you have tin plates. Tin containers offer robustness and are prevent any mixture of unwanted chemicals into the food. Tin containers have the capability to withstand heat and keep the product safe during transportation.

All in all, tin containers are the best packaging for the food industry.