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De aankomende Custom Tin Box 2020 Packaging Design Trends

2020-08-03 hqt

Custom Tin Box: The Tin Box Packaging Design Trends | 2020

Als het om verpakkingen gaat, moet u ervoor zorgen dat uw product wordt verpakt in het nieuwste, op maat gemaakte blikken doosontwerp. U moet zich afvragen hoe u precies de nieuwste trends op het gebied van blikontwerp kunt vinden. Dan bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres.

We are going to talk about the latest tin design trends in 2020. Incorporating these trends would enhance the overall appeal of your product’s packaging, which would in result have a positive impact on your product sales.

Importance of Custom Tin Box Designs

If you don’t believe that customized tin boxes and keeping yourself up to date regarding the packaging trends can help you, have a look at Coca Cola Cans. See how they have evolved over time. The certain era had a certain design associated with it.

Once out of that particular time, the company came out of it. Due to their outstanding and amazing packaging, people around the world recognize them even before they read the label. So, great packaging tends to make a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind.

They would be able to identify the product without going through the hassle of reading the details or the label. So, to ensure the effectiveness of your tin packaging, we recommend following the latest trends.

Tin Box Design Trends

Below, we have come up with some of the best Tin box Design trends of 2020.

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Minimalist Design

The modern art difference in terms of designing and color patterns. It is more towards geometric shapes and abstractions. Minimalism is a form of modern art. Instead of having a concrete design, there is simplicity.

You would be focusing on simple imagery, simple, yet elegant color scheme, and use negative space in excess. All in all, the objective of the design is to make the tin box look modern, sleek, and clean. Minimalism is currently popular among a number of industries including the microbrew beers.

Since most of the beer cans consist of vibrant colors and smart designs, therefore, the companies opted for this trend to stand out n the market. You can choose minimalism if you plan to convey modernity, professionalism, and a chick shelf appeal.

Vintage Design

Yes, you heard it right, Vintage Designs are back fashion. We know that these designs play on your favorite rose-tinted feeling, therefore they really are never outdated. No matter the time or the product, design designs are the safest as well as the perfect solution.

Dig through your draws are take out some classic designs. Add a little modern touch to it. For instance, incorporate a modern company logo, and you will enjoy remaking the innocence of Victorian advertising designs.

Regardless of the path, you walk on, vintage is always the safe option. It would highlight your brand’s longevity. Vintage is an excellent choice for a family-focused brand. After all, the vintage design depicts a warmth that works wonder for your product. It shows that your brand is committed and extremely professional.

In addition, your brand would go the extra mile to guarantee high-level customer satisfaction.

Ombre Design

The French word Ombre means Shaded. When we talk about design, ombre actually means the gradual blending of one color into the hue of the next. Ombre leaves a great impact especially when you incorporate that onto your custom tin box packaging.

The design has an air of sophistication and smartness. In most cases, ombre goes from light to dark, however, you can do it the other way round i.e. from dark to light. The ombre was initially popular with the nail art and the hairstyle industry.

But, now it seems that it has become popular in a couple of other industries including the packaging industry. It is the perfect way to add a sense of drama to your packaging and to make it stand out in the crowd.

Ombre in tin products allows you to enjoy a number of disguises. For instance, your blue faded color gives a look of the sky or the burnished copper finish. To add a rich sense of depth to your product, you can always use ombre as the background for designs or images.

A colorful, yet subtle background also enhances the product packaging appeal and help it become noticeable. Ombre also makes your packaging look high-quality. We highly recommend ombre tins to consumers who want their packaging to employ natural settings.

Another great thing is that you can enhance your vintage design with the help of an ombre effect. It helps creates a faux weathered, which works wonderfully with the vintage design.

Monochrome Design

Het valt niet te ontkennen dat monochrome ontwerpen uiterst professioneel en debonair zijn. Daarom worden ze steeds populairder voor groothandelaren in blikken dozen op maat. Producten die zwart in wit zijn gewikkeld, zouden je in beroering brengen, zonder ze echt te schudden. De overedge-look zal ongetwijfeld grote aantallen consumenten aantrekken.

Huisdecoraties, schoonheidsproducten en modemerken gebruiken al jaren monochrome ontwerpen om op te vallen tussen hun concurrenten. Het idee heeft dus heel goed gewerkt. Een ander creatief idee is om een ​​neutraal palet te gebruiken, omdat dit aangeeft dat het mogelijk is om de verpakking voor je huis te upcyclen.

Om uw producten er professioneel en verfijnd uit te laten zien en een begripvolle indruk te geven, kiest u voor monochrome ontwerpen.

Laat aangepaste blikken dozen een verhaal vertellen

Designs are important, the color scheme is imperative, but don’t lose your focus when it comes to telling a story via your packaging. In 2020, your custom tin box packaging should be more than a well-designed packaging.

Only then will you be able to connect with your consumers. Allow your packaging to tell your brand story. After all, good packaging is a story that unveils itself as the consumer unboxes the product. For online, you would have to focus more on the packaging as it lacks the in-person store experience.

Although storytelling packaging is important for all-most all brands, it holds great importance for online products. Since eCommerce products lack the luxury of being experienced in person, therefore, the packaging should be telling everything about that.

It should form a connection with the consumer. So, make sure that you have the right kind of packaging intact. What more is that the branded packaging has become important especially for the subscription boxes. Here, the box it perhaps the only presentation of the brand. It tends to contain a number of products from other brands.

A Comprehensive Approach

In 2020, it is time for your brand to make a comprehensive approach towards the custom tin box packaging. They should be using the packaging and a medium to communicate with their clients and build a deeper connection. Something that would last for a long time.


Metamorfosen zijn de grootste verpakkingstrends van dit jaar. Met zoveel concurrentie, verschillende producten en talloze merken kan het immers een beetje uitdagend zijn om op te vallen. Om dit probleem op te lossen, keren mensen terug naar fascinerende ideeën en kunstzinnig ontwerp.

Enkele van de beste verpakkingsontwerpers zeggen dat het hebben van details in je illustratie echt het verschil kan maken. Het zou verschillende transformaties van de verpakking laten zien, waardoor het merk onvergetelijk zou worden.

Vogels worden bijvoorbeeld vruchten! Dit type verpakking brengt niet alleen effectief het merkverhaal over, maar wordt ook een kunstobject. Iets dat u kunt bewaren of hergebruiken, waar en wanneer u maar wilt.

Retro-futurisme voor op maat gemaakte blikken doosverpakkingen

You might consider retro-futurism as an oxymoron, but we can assure you that these two works really well together. They would provide you custom tin box packaging the over-the-edge feel. They have the ability to invoke feelings as well as anticipation and nostalgia.

2020 is the year that would allow the designers to explore their creativity. It would jump off from the current gradient trend to come up with packaging that incorporates the retro and futuristic design elements. They would be able to create designs that would be appealing the most of the audience.

So, expect a lot of bold gradients, neon colors along with the touch of retro design to join hands and produce some of the most amazing packaging you would have ever come across.

Blurred Images and Blurry Color

Het lijkt erop dat we twee populaire trends van 2020 hebben die voortkwamen uit de verlooptrend, ten eerste het retro-futurisme en ten tweede het gevlekte verloop en vervaging. Als je je op maat gemaakte blikken doosverpakkingen een edgy en cool gevoel wilt geven, raden we je aan om wazige kleurvlekken te gebruiken.

Deze geweldige 2020-trend zal de verlooptrend naar een ander niveau tillen. Ontwerpers zullen in staat zijn om abstracte looks te bedenken die het ontwerp een voorwaarts gevoel geven, samen met de hypermoderne indruk. Wat meer is, is dat u mogelijk een abstract verloopeffect ziet, aangezien ontwerpers blauwe afbeeldingen en verloopeffecten gebruiken.

Deze geweldige verpakking zal de consument op een effectieve en efficiënte manier aantrekken.

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Moderne tijden vereisen meer dan de traditionele op maat gemaakte blikken doosverpakkingen. Consumenten zoeken in een productverpakking, daarom moet je jezelf op de hoogte houden om ervoor te zorgen dat je een verpakking hebt die opvalt, een verhaal vertelt en een blijvende indruk maakt.

Neem vandaag nog contact met ons op voor uw op maat gemaakte blikken dozen voor de groothandel , en wij zullen u helpen uw dromerige verpakking werkelijkheid te laten worden.