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 박스 맞춤화의 중요성-맞춤형 주석 상자 제조업체

2019-12-05 본부

Bespoke Tins Box is an excellent way to attract consumers. A well-designed custom box is a perfect way to not only promote your products but also effectively introduce it in the market. Regardless, the size of your business customized boxes is bound to generate better results.
Of course, most companies do not have to the facility to create their own packing boxes; therefore, they would always reach out to a Bespoke Tins Box manufacturer. Choosing the right manufacturer is imperative as this will define how your product looks to the consumer. Most of these companies offer different facilities including distribution, packaging, and store.
Before reaching out to any company out there, it is important to learn why having customized packing is important. How can tin packing drive revenue and customer satisfaction? Why is the metal top-performing packaging material and how is tin environmental friendly.


What is Bespoke Tins Box?


Before we learn about the importance of customized tin boxes, we need to understand what bespoke tin boxes are. Bespoke tin packaging means designing your own packaging in order for your product to stand out on the shelf.
A well-designed and well-balanced bespoke tin packaging have the ability to entice customers; it allows you to deliver your message effectively. In addition, you can add a personal touch to your products. People might actually get an insight into how you feel about your product and services.


Importance of Customized Packaging - Bespoke Tins Box


With more and more businesses become inclined towards the idea of using personalized boxes, the market is coming up with better, more refined and environmentally friendly alternatives. Instead of relying on traditional sizes and shapes, today you can enjoy a wide variety of shapes and designs.

Choose a design that will help your business pack and store the product in an effective manner. The robustness of the packaging makes it possible to deliver it across the world, while the aesthetic sense helps attract consumers.
If you are still doubtful about the importance of customized boxes, below we have come up with the benefits of using personalized boxes, instead of generic packaging.


Increase Brand Awareness


제품 포장은 사람들이 제품을 인식하는 방식에 직접적인 영향을 미칩니다. 따라서 소비자가 무엇을 찾고 있으며 제품 포장이 브랜드 인지도를 높일 수 있는지 이해해야합니다.
맞춤형 주석 상자는 소비자에게 따뜻한 느낌을 줄 것입니다. 고객이 제품을 사용하면서 즐길 수 있어야합니다. 좋은 포장은 소비자와 회사 사이에 강력한 연결을 형성합니다. 예를 들어, 개인화 된 화장품 상자는 소비자와 제품 간의 관계를 만드는 효과적인 방법입니다. 우아한 포장은 제품의 전체적인 매력을 높이고 포장의 견고 함은 소비자를 사랑에 빠지게 할 것입니다.

The elegance of packaging, its robustness, and ease of use will attract the end-user. As a product owner, your main objective is to increase product visibility, and with bespoke tin boxes, you can effortlessly achieve it. The more people your product attracts, the more popularity it gains, thus increasing brand awareness.


Significant Cost Reduction


Another excellent reason for using customized packaging, especially tin boxes is the reduced transportation cost. In addition, these boxes tend to reduce the companies storage cost as well. As an end-product manager, you can take enormous benefits of inventory management.

Customized packing ensures that the distribution of the products becomes easy and reduces product damaging ratios. It is extremely easy to organize these products during both storage and transportation.


Product Safety


물론 제품의 모양, 크기, 무게에 따라 포장을 디자인 할 경우 제품의 안전성을 보장해야합니다. 제품보다 큰 상자를 사용하면 보관 또는 운송 중에 제품이 파손되거나 파손될 가능성이 높습니다. 마찬가지로 제품보다 작은 포장은 제품이 맞지 않으므로 소용이 없습니다.

운송 중 부패하기 쉬운 품목을 확보하려면 좋은 주석 상자가 필수적입니다.


적시 납품


제품과 마찬가지로 맞춤 상자는 정시에 배달되는 경향이 있습니다. 온라인 제조업체는 주석 상자가 안정적이고 정리하기 쉽기 때문에 매우 쉽게 운반 할 수 있다고 생각합니다. 운송이 용이하고 상자를 적시에 배달하므로 제품 회사가 제 시간에 제품을 배달 할 수 있습니다.


향상된 사용자 쇼핑 경험


You will be surprised to learn that a great number of people buy a product, just because it has nice packaging. Personalized boxes deliver a better shopping experience. Since the company pays close heed to the boxes, the consumer believes that the company would pay even more attention to the product inside.

It is possible to deliver your message across the consumer without putting in additional effort. When you deliver the customized box to a consumer, he would feel elated to open it knowing that the box is specially designed for him/her. For instance, take an example of jewelry, when sending the jewelry in a box, a great idea is to engrave the jewelry box with the consumer’s name.


Metal: The Top Performing Packing Material


We have been hearing about steel robustness for ages. Machines, transportation facilities, structures among others heavily rely on steel sturdiness. Regardless of the industry, steel is as lucrative as it is relative.
There is no denying the importance of steel and at the same time, steel turns out to be an excellent recycling material. With the ongoing battle against global warming, a material that is 100 percent re-usable is something to cheer about.

Steel or tin is an excellent material, and now it even offers premium-packaging solutions. Yes, you heard us right, you can effortlessly find Bespoke Tins Box manufacturer. Even if you come across small tin box manufacturers, they will still be able to cater to a wide range of market needs.


Below are the advantages of using Bespoke Tins Box


We already told you about the inherent qualities of tin. These qualities make it an amazing and world-class packaging solution. Tin packaging is not limited to foods and beverages; on the contrary, today you can use tin packaging for almost everything.


Here are the top advantages of using Bespoke Tins Box.


Automated Production


The production process of tin boxes is easy and efficient. Producing a customized tin box does not take up a lot of time. Their easy to implement automated production makes it possible for the Bespoke Tins Box manufacturers to deliver quality boxes within the desired budget and time.
The automated system makes it possible for the manufacturer to meet the needs of every client at an individual level. The production efficiency makes it possible for them to deliver the large quality of boxes within a short period.


Packaging Diversity


The state of art equipment makes it possible for the product user to design their boxes without limitation. Regardless, the shape and the size of the box, the manufacturer will be able to produce it. In addition, the tins box provides the manufacturer the facility of shaping as per needs.

It is also easy to changes to the current boxes, in order to promote sales. This makes it easy for the end-product companies to add a new feel to their product and attract consumers as well.

Weather Resistant


Unlike other packaging material such as paper, cupboard, tin is an excellent weather-resistant. It tends to act as an excellent carrier against light or water. Of course, the quality of the tin defines its ability to withstand extreme weather.

Nonetheless, the normal quality ensures that your product is safe from rain, air, and water. Companies preserve their food products via tin packaging. One of the main reasons that food companies use tin boxes, is their ability to preserve the product without additional benefits. Of course, when the weather does not have direct or indirect contact with the item, it is bound to last long.

In addition to food companies, other industries are also a fan of tin boxes because of their ability to save their products from the environment. You can choose a bespoke tin box for every kind of product.

Design as you like it


Tin boxes provide you the facility to decorate them as you like. You can add a personal touch to these boxes. Add as many colors and as many designs as you like. Since tin packaging has good printing performances, thus any design springs to life on them.

You can design a bright and beautiful packaging without worrying about the fact that it might not turn out as it is on the computer. We can assure you that printing on tin boxes will be compelling, it promises to boost your sales.

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One of the major reasons, companies around the globe are reaching out to bespoke tin box manufacturers is the robustness of the packaging. Unlike the glass and the paper container, tin boxes offer strength.
Even if you put a little extra weight, the tin boxes will be able to withstand it. The paper boxes that would be damaged due to little extra weight, the tin boxes will offer good rigidity. In addition, even if you drop the boxes, it is less likely that the fall has an adverse effect on them. However, in case of the glass, the moment you drop the box, the packaging is completely shattered.




According to different researches, around 73% of aluminum beverage cans and 79.5% of steel packing are recycled in Europe. The high recycling rating makes it an excellent alternative to plastic as well as other packaging materials.

Companies around the globe understand the importance of re-usability, thus they are trying to turn towards metals packaging for all most every kind of product. Another great advantage of tin packaging is its ability to retain quality. No matter, how many times you recycle the product; it will always have the same quality.


Choosing the Right Tin Packaging Enhancement - Bespoke Tins Box


Of course, every company may be a small tin box manufacturer, or a big manufacturer offers special packaging features, making it possible for the consumer to make its product stand out.


Below, we are discussing some of the tin packaging Enhancements that most companies offer.



Below are some of the most common finishes that all firms offer



If you want a vibrant look for your packaging, we recommend you give it a gloss finish. It might add a little extra to your budget, but it is really pleasing to the eye. The gloss finish gives an expensive look. It enhances the product image and makes it look luxurious and classy.




Of course, if the objective is to give a decent, yet a complete look. The matte finish should be your first choice. With a matte finish, you can generate a smooth texture. Companies use different mate lacquers in order to give a smooth textured look.


Spot Gloss

With spot gloss, you can get the best of both worlds. It is extremely easy for you to have a matte finish while enjoying the feel of a gloss. If you want the packaging to have an elegant look, we would recommend that you go with the spot gloss finish.


Metallic finish

Sometimes, it is the product’s demand to have a metallic finish. For instance, for a male perfume, you would like to give it a metallic finish in order to add a little male element. With the metallic finish, you can harness the natural properties of the metal.


Internal Print

All high-end brands print not only on the outside but also on the inside. For instance if you take a handbag, you will notice that the brand logo is present on the outside, as well as the inside. So, for a high-end finish, you can use the same technique for bespoke tin boxes.


Silver and Gold Sandblast

If the idea is to add texture to achieve intense richness to the plain finishes, you need to go with silver and gold sandblast finish. These boxes will give an expensive look.


Reflex Gold

Gold enhancement always adds a touch of luxury to the tin boxes. If the idea is to make your personalized tin boxes stand out, reflex gold is the perfect finish for you.



Have a look at some of the most amazing enhancements to make your product packing different and unique.



To increase the longevity of your Bespoke Tins Box, a good idea is to add handles to it. In addition, handles give an elegant look and the ease of carrying around the box.





3D Emboss

A 3D product is always more attractive in comparison to 2D. If you add dimensions to your tin boxes, they are definitely going to stand out. There is no better way to do that than to use 3D emboss. The finish will ensure that the product gives a 3D feel.


Emboss and Deboss

Ever heard about Emboss and Deboss? If not, you are missing something great. With this enhancement, you can effortlessly highly the logo of your brand in your tin design.



The right trail can make the movie a hit. The same applies to product marketing. Allow your customers to have a sneak peek inside the box to see what awaits them. The curiosity element will make them buy the product.



Add the stacking ability in your product, so that people can easily store it. This is beneficial from the point of sale display as well as for people with low storage's kitchens or pantries.


Summary about Bespoke Tins Box


Bespoke Tins Box is perhaps the best way of making your customers feel special. You can easily enhance the overall look of your product, but getting the right packaging. Add vibrant colors, choose the right enhancement and use a finish that compliments your product.

A well-designed tin box adds value to the product, thus increasing its sales. Yes, there are several tins box manufacture, however, you will not find someone as good as Tin-Packaging. Their several of experience and outstanding management allow them to deliver high-quality boxes. They use a truly extensive range of molds and tooling to offer a wide variety of tin boxes without adding to the cost.