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Voedselverpakkingblikke: u gids tot voedselverpakking

2016-12-06 hqt

Voedselverpakkingblikke met die regte verpakking verbeter nie net die rakleeftyd van die produk nie, maar dra ook by tot die aantrekkingskrag daarvan. Om in die mededingende landskap te presteer, vereis immers die beste van albei wêrelde. U produk moet elegant lyk en ook wonderlik smaak.

Generally, companies focus on the taste and price factor of the product. What they fail to understand is that the food needs to look good as well. You need to ensure that the packaging is attractive enough. Researches show that around 30 percent of the people do not buy a product simply because it does not have nice and proper packaging.

Packaging needs to be strong, durable, creative and resistant. All these factors contribute to having a safe and well protect food supply. In addition, good packaging makes it extremely easy to transport food.



  • Why is Food Packaging important?
  • Different Food Packaging Material
  • How to Choose the Right Food Packaging Material
  • Nuutste voedselverpakkingsneigings
  • Why should you use tin containers for food packaging


Why is Food Packaging Important?


Food packaging is the first thing that would attract you, may it be your free time snacks or favorite chocolate. Having the right packaging allows the food item to stand out on the shelf. In addition, it provides protection from physical, chemical and environmental factors that damage the product.

Therefore, it is important to understand that packaging plays an important role in preserving the quality of the food as well as attracting the consumer.

Below are some key advantages of having blikkies vir voedselverpakking insluit .


Every food item usually has its unique packaging.  The design, size, and weight are ideal for that particular type of food. To have perfect packaging, a good idea is to conduct a lot of research, see what packaging the competitors are offering.

While conducting the research concentrate on factors like protection against chemical reactions, dust, and light. These elements will help you choose the right shape, material, and design of your product packaging. In case, you end up with improper food packaging, your chocolates and food items would have an extremely short shelf life. Thus, it will have an adverse effect on your revenue.


Another important element of packaging is the ease of transport. Of course, carrying soup or sweet corn without proper packaging can be extremely difficult. Transportation of these products would be almost impossible.

However, if you place in tin containers for food packaging, it will make your life easy. Remember, there you can pack food products in bags, cans, bottles or boxes. The size and shape mainly depend on the food type. Good packaging ensures the safe transportation of the product.

Influencing consumer purchasing habits

Studies show that consumers buying decisions are greatly influenced by the style and the color of the packaging. Of course, for the first time, the consumer would buy the product because of packaging, but turning that consumer into loyal customers would require greatly depend upon the quality of the food.

Smart packaging will attract the brain after all the brain pays close attention to vibrant and bright colors. Therefore, it is imperative to pay close attention while choosing the color scheme of your product’s packaging.

For instance, if you are selling dairy products, a good idea is to use white packaging. White packaging conveys purity and simplicity. On the contrary, for something fun and energetic such as energy drinks or juices, go with orange packaging.

Another great technique to give information about the flavor of your product, without making the consumer read the label is to use the same color as the flavor. Use red for apple and yellow for banana.

Make your Product Auspicious

With hundreds of products available on the shelf, how can you make your product stand out? Simple, you need to have an outclass packaging. Make sure that your packaging captures the consumer's attention in the first go.

A good idea is to offer reusable packaging. For instance, a good size blikkies vir voedselverpakking insluit can later be used as a pencil holder. The right packaging will ensure that the consumer only pays heed to your product on the shelf, instead of other similar products.

Product Packaging: An excellent Marketing Tool

There is no denying the fact that product packaging is an excellent marketing tool. Companies, sometimes change the packaging of their products to attract more consumers and bring back the previous one.

How many times have we bought something just because of its new packaging? With the right packaging, you can engrave your brand's label and logo onto the consumer's mind. This will ensure that the consumer will reach out to your product every time he/she comes shopping.


Another major advantage of food packaging is to provide information regarding the product inside. You can tell your consumer, the ingredients that you have used, their amount and directions and usage.

Of course, when a consumer buys a cooking product, he or she would like to know how to make that particular item. So, utilizing the back of your packaging for this particular purpose increases ease of use, thus making it more favorable among the consumer world.

Enhanced Traceability

Packaging makes it extremely easy to track food items. Tracking food items is important especially in the case where a problem arises with the food item. Since the problem can lead to serious consequences, therefore it is better to remove the product from the shelf.

The Global Food Traceability Center, says that incorporating the tracing factor into the packaging makes it possible to trace products through the supply chain efficiently. You can effortlessly reach out to any product in the world. In addition, the process helps in diminishing risks, improve food safety, prevent economical loss and avert serious health consequences.


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Different Food Packaging Material

You can use a wide variety of materials for packaging including plastic, paper, glass, and metal. In some cases, you might have to combine one or more material to come up with your desired packaging. For instance, you can wrap a bunch of chocolate in plastic and then place it in beautifully designed chocolate tins.

U kan byna enige materiaal vir voedselverpakking gebruik, maar sommige van hierdie materiaal werk beter met voedselitems en sjokolades in vergelyking met ander. Hieronder is 'n paar algemene voedselverpakkingsmateriaal.


U sal verbaas wees om te weet dat glas een van die oudste verpakkingsmateriaal is. Die geskiedenis dateer ongeveer 5 000 jaar terug. Al destyds was mense 'n aanhanger van glasverpakking vanweë die elegante, elegante en duur gevoel. Die chemiese inerte vermoë van die glas maak dit 'n uitstekende verpakkingsmateriaal. Die chemiese invoeging bied 'n uitstekende versperringswand teen mikroörganismes en gasse.

Dit is moontlik om die glasverpakking te steriliseer, te hergebruik en te herwin. Die breekfaktor skakel egter voedselverpakkingsondernemings uit om glas as die primêre materiaal te gebruik. Ongeveer 10 persent van die voedselverpakking word met glas gedoen.


Metal packaging also has a long history. Since 1900, tin containers for food packaging have been used. In addition, we have seen tinplated steel, aluminum, tin-free steel among other materials.

The robustness of blikkies vir voedselverpakking insluit makes it the top priority of almost all food packaging companies. In addition, you can effortlessly sterilize the packaging. You can even treat it via heat to make it reusable.

Similarly, companies use aluminum for making soft drink cans due to its ability to turn into a foil sheet. Manufacturers prefer tinplate, as it is strong. They offer excellent packaging to proceeding foods, canned drinks, and aerosol cans.

Paperboard and Paper

Paperboard and paper packaging dates back to the 1600s. However, they are not the best material when it comes to food packaging. In order to use paper as packaging, you would first have to eliminate the barriers. You would need to treat paper containers with resin, lacquer or wax.

Kraft and parchment paper are good examples of paper packaging material. Though it is not feasible to choose paper for packaging of food items, but it is a good idea to use them for shipping food items. Both paperboard and paper account for about 35 percent of food packaging.

How to Choose the Right Food Packaging Material



Now that you have an idea regarding the different packaging material, it is time to learn how to choose the right material for food packaging,  you need to consider two key points below.

  • The material should be eye-catching
  • Die verpakking moet die voedsel veilig hou.

As 'n slim onderneming, moet u ook sorg dat voedselverpakking nie die omgewing skade berokken nie. As u die bogenoemde verpakkingseienskappe ken, kan u 'n meer geleerde besluit neem.

Hierdie eienskappe hang af van die volgende faktore

  • Produksiekoste
  • Verspreidingskoste
  • Gemak van gebruik
  • Omgewingstoestande
  • Raklewe
  • Ontwerp
  • Materiaal
  • Die soorte kos

Elke voedselmateriaal het sy eie eienskappe. Hieronder het ons hierdie eienskappe genoem.




Voordele Nadele
Hittebestand en vog Breekbaar en bros
Herbruikbaar / herwinbaar Groot en swaar om te vervoer
Deursigtig Nie maklik om te dra nie




Voordele Nadele
Gasse, bestand teen vog, korrosie en hitte Duur
Herwinbaar Kan nie gesweis word nie
Liggewig Beperkte vorms
  Minder krag




Voordele Nadele
Hitte- en waterbestand Vereis 'n blikopener
Duursaam Swaarder as aluminium
Herwinbaar en behou gehalte
Aluminium is goedkoper


Blikvrye staal


Voordele Nadele
Duursaam en sterk Swaarder as aluminium
Herwinbaar Kan nie gesweis word nie
Bestand teen hitte Is geneig tot korrosie
Goedkoper as blik Vereis 'n blikoopmaker


Papier en karton


Voordele Nadele
Lae koste Skade of skeur
Goeie sterkte Swak ligversperring
Gemaak van hernubare bronne Geneig tot humiditeit en vog




Voordele Nadele
Sterk Het 'n nadelige uitwerking op die omgewing
Hoë duidelikheid
Maklik om in vaste vorm te herwin
Uitstekend vir warm vulsel
Skeur- en skeurbestand
Uitstekende versperringseienskappe


Nuutste voedselverpakkingsneigings


christmas tin box for gift-02


Die voedselverpakkingsbedryf is baie dinamies en mededingend; daarom moet u uself op die hoogte hou. As u hierdie tendense in u blikkies vir voedselverpakking insluit , kan u dit 'n voorsprong gee.


Minder is beter


If you have been paying a little attention during grocery shopping, you would notice that companies are not use clustered designs or big typeface. On the contrary, they now opt for more sophisticated and minimal designs. You can notice the change from books covers to chocolate tins.

Vibrant Colors

Keep the design simple, but keep the colors bold. In addition to making your design stand out, these colors are also eye-catching. It is difficult to ignore a striking red in comparison to a dull pink.

Use the bigger font for ingredients

An excellent way to enhance a brand image is to list your ingredients in bold and big fonts. Ensure that the customer does not face difficulty in reading the ingredients. Bold ingredients also enhance brand credibility.

Go with a different shape

People are bored with the usual shapes, you can come up with a different shape to attract their attention. For instance, you can introduce watermelon juice in the shape of a melon slice. Make sure that the blikkies vir voedselverpakking insluit are often in different shapes. You will be surprised how creative packaging effects product sales.

Functional Packaging

Make sure that your packaging offers more than just packing your product.  It should be multifunctional. For example, Dunkin Donut’s coffee cup top has the ability to carry cream and sugar along with some extra coffee.


Why go with Food Packaging tins?


chocolate tin box for gift-02



Tin is among the most favored material for the packaging of food items, chocolates, biscuits, and confectionery. Tin is highly efficient and it keeps the food safe for a longer period. In addition, it meets the international standards of safety.

Printing on tin packing is extremely easy and it brings the colors to live. You can print any design you want, and it will look amazing. It is very convenient to shape and reshape tin boxes. You might have seen different sizes and shapes of chocolate tins.

Another major benefit of using tin containers for food items is recyclability. It is extremely easy to recycle tin material without losing quality. Since you can sterilize these containers, thus they are reusable.



In the modern world, you need to ensure that your blikkies vir voedselverpakking insluit are able to withstand the competition. Follow the latest packaging trends, use robust material such as tins and be creative with your packaging design.

Studies have shown that attractive packaging has been among the major factors for driving sales. Therefore, you need to have unique packaging and fine quality packaging. To ensure the quality of the packaging, you have to choose the right manufacturer.

There is no manufacturer better than Tin-Packaging. They have been in business long enough to understand all its pros and cons. They are able to produce packaging of all sizes and shapes. Their state of the art equipment allows them to produce even the most complicated packaging.

Laat weet hulle net wat u wil hê, dan sal hulle dit binne die tyd aflewer. Ondanks die aanbied van hoë gehalte verpakkings, het hulle mededingende pryse. Dit is baie moeilik om hul pryse te haal. Boonop maak hul uitstekende en geleerde bestuur dit vir u moontlik om 'n geleerde besluit te neem.

U sal deeglik gelei word via hul kliëntedienste. Hulle sal u in elke stap van die produksie insluit om te verseker dat die verpakking volgens u standaarde is. Al wat u hoef te doen is om na hulle uit te reik en hulle sal so spoedig moontlik na u terugkeer.