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7 Fakta Menakjubkan Tentang Produsen Timah Botol Anggur: (Ulasan Timah Kotak Botol Anggur 2020)

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Apa perbedaan antara tong logam dan kaleng logam?


Wine Bottle Tin Manufacturers

Dari Pembuka Kaleng hingga produsen kaleng botol anggur abad ke-21

Today you won't surprise anyone with wine bottle tin manufacturers. But, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of beer lovers associate a can with something low-quality, cheap and wrong, so to speak. This stems from transnational corporations. These were among the first to use this type of packaging. But what exactly prompted them to turn to this beer container?

Problem # 1

Let's start with facts from history. The first request for the production of cans for bottling beer was received by the largest packaging company American Can Company (CANCO) back in 1909. The developers faced with two main tasks. Those require solutions to translate the idea into reality.

The main problem with the beer can at that time was the need to eliminate the "metallic taste". In general, we managed to cope with it. Although in 2019, more than 100 years later, there are wine bottle tin manufacturers. They claim that the taste of beer from a can is “not the same”.

Wine bottle tin manufacturers: Pressure of the beer

The second problem was the pressure of the beer, as it contains carbon dioxide. It makes the beer “carbonated”. Previously, canned food manufacturers have not faced such problems, and pressure has not been such a matter of principle.

Wine Bottle Tin Manufacturers in china

To maintain the original flavor and carbonation in the beer, the can had to withstand a pressure of about 80 pounds per inch. This problem also solved back in 1909. Thanks to technical progress! It would seem that nothing prevented the launch of new high-tech packaging on the US market. But the project was implemented only 30 years later, and this is due to prohibition in America.

Industrial production

By the early 1930s, wine bottle tin manufacturers had developed a can strong enough to withstand the pressure of a poured beer. They also finally solved the can lining problem by using a resilient plastic called Vinylite.

Tests with Pabst beer were successful. But large breweries were afraid to use the novelty until the can was tested on the real market. Therefore, in June 1934, test packs of four cans of beer were delivered to 1,000 homes in Richmond, Virginia. Each package came by a questionnaire asking questions about the new package.

To the surprise of large corporations, the results were better than anyone expected. The new packaging got approval by 91% of respondents. And 85% said that beer tasted more like draft beer. They drank in bars than the same beer, but bottled. By January 1935, Kruger's beer was very popular throughout the city.

Modern wine bottle tin manufacturers

Since the launch, wine bottle tin manufacturers have undergone a number of changes. Until they came to their modern look, familiar to you and me.

The very first Flat Top Style beer can was a lighter and thinner version of the familiar can. To open such a can, a special device such as a can opener was required. But with all the inconvenience this type of beer can lasted until 1970.

Conical Lid Wine Bottle Tin Manufacturers
Wine bottle tin manufacturers replaced the cans with a conical lid in the 50s by the Pull Tab or Tab Top Style. These were as similar as possible to the current beer cans and were already produced with a prototype of the modern "key". The principle of his work was the same as now - you pry the lock with your finger and the bank opens. The disadvantage that served as the rejection of this type of "key" was that beer consumers threw it away. From which pets and children often suffered.

Wine Bottle Tin Manufacturers and suppliers

Bank-keg connection

Let's go back to the main complaint about the beer can - the metallic taste. In most cases, this is the argument that comes first when talking about the differences between bottled and canned beer. But where does this metallic shade come from, and is there any? Let's figure it out.

First, a beer can is not the only metal container for pouring beer. In addition to the glass bottle, there is also the most widespread in the beer world - a metal keg. It is the main container for draft beer. After all, we all love, having come to the bar, order a glass or two of beer from the tap.

Apa perbedaan antara tong logam dan kaleng logam?

And no one ever talks about how they taste a metallic taste in draft beer. So what's the difference between a metal keg and a metal can? And why does one beer have this notorious taste, while the other does not?

The fact is that in a beer can the beer does not actually come into contact with metal. Because the metal is outside the can. But when opening and drinking beer, not from the glass, but from the can itself, we feel the aroma of metal. That is, it's not about the can or the beer, but about our perception. Therefore, in order to eliminate the taste of metal, it is necessary to pour the beer into a glass. It's simple.

In general, Wine bottle tin manufacturers view the can as a mini-keg. Thanks to which you get fresh draft beer, like in your favorite bar, for only one, personally yours, portion. Moreover, unlike beer from a keg, beer from a can comes into contact with oxygen directly at the moment of opening and pouring into a glass. Therefore, you get beer exactly as the brewer intended it and was brewed at the brewery. In our opinion, this is an undoubted advantage!

Jar or bottle: Wine bottle tin manufacturers

The can also has some advantages over the bottle. First and foremost, a beer can does not let in sunlight, unlike a beer bottle. It is predominantly made from light, brown, or green glass. Dark glass protects from sunlight much better than light glass, but much worse than aluminum can.

This greatly simplifies storage conditions, non-observance of which can affect the taste of your favorite beer, changing it far from the better.

The second advantage is simplified logistics and a lower final price. Agree, it is much more pleasant to get a high quality product for less money.

Bank as a marketing tool for Wine bottle tin manufacturers

An important reason that many modern (craft and not only) breweries are starting to switch to a line for bottling canned beer is design. The shape and area of ​​the can allows Wine bottle tin manufacturers to place more information for the consumer. It will attract a potential buyer.


The Scottish brewery BrewDog once came up with an original advertising move with cans of its most popular variety Punk IPA. An allegedly forgetful employee of the bottling line at the marking stage, instead of a date, knocked out a very common expletive.


Unfortunately, nothing in the world is perfect. And even such high-tech Wine bottle tin manufacturers packaging as an aluminum can has drawbacks. One of the main ones is the absence of yeast sediment. It is critical for most breweries. Alas, during these processes, carbon dioxide is released, the pressure rises and the can can simply explode.

The second reason is rather aesthetic. It is much more pleasant to hold a beer bottle in your hands, although the best choice is.