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Biscotti e barattoli di biscotti

Il grossista di scatole di latta per biscotti e biscotti di alta qualità importato dalla Cina può essere personalizzato in una scatola di latta fatta a mano unica in base alle vostre esigenze.

Tin-packaging is one of the companies specializing in providing food can packaging services, always providing customers with high-quality packaging tin cans and services based on international packaging standards. So far, it is one of the high-quality tin can packaging manufacturers in China. The main food cans are food tin box, medicine tin box, gift tin box, wine tin box, souvenir tin box, biscuit tin box, and many other products. At present, the company has a food can factory with a modern plant area of 25,000 square meters The factory is located in Huizhou, with monthly output of up to 5 million, and provides a one-stop service for design, mold making, production, packaging, and delivery.

The company's main tinplate can customization, product trial industry:

1. Food packaging: candy box, chocolate box, mint box, cookie box, cookie box, moon cake box, nut box, teapot, coffee pot, seasoning pot, etc .;

2. Festival packaging: New Year cans, Mid-autumn cans, Christmas cans, Easter eggs, Easter buckets, Valentine's day heart-shaped cans, Mother's Day gift packaging, etc.

3. Wine bottle packaging cans: outer packaging of whiskey, vodka, champagne, red wine, white wine, etc .;

4. Packaging for the cigarette industry: various cigarette boxes, cigar boxes, tobacco packaging boxes, etc.

5. Packaging for toys and games: packaging for all kinds of toys, playing cards, games, and collectible cards.

6. Cosmetics packaging: all kinds of skincare products, perfumes, essential oils, facial masks, and exquisite packaging.

7. Stationery video and audio: pen case, pen holder, piggy bank, writing pad, DVD case, CD case, etc.

8. Household: all kinds of storage boxes, stove head covers, candle jars, wax buckets, heat insulation pads, plates, dishes, etc.

9. Fashion cans: packaging all kinds of fashion clothes, jewelry, glasses cases, etc.

10. Gift promotion categories: coasters, ice buckets, trays, billboards, refrigerator stickers, street signs, license plates, and various gift packaging, etc.