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Goditi la memorizzazione e l'invio di cookie senza interruzioni con le confezioni di biscotti

07/03/2020 hqt

Usa le lattine per biscotti per conservare e spedire i cookie senza problemi

Per archiviare e spedire facilmente i cookie, è necessario utilizzare le confezioni dei bookmaker. La cottura è un'arte. Richiede pazienza, competenza e pratica. Per assicurarti che le persone apprezzino i tuoi biscotti tanto quanto ti è piaciuto cuocerli, devi usare la confezione giusta.

With the right kind of packaging, you can mail your cookies to your loved ones. Quality packaging would ensure that the cookies do not get soggy. They will remain refresh for a long period. In this article, we are going to shed some light on how to send and preserve your cookies.

Biscuit Cookies Tins

How to Keep Homemade Cookies Fresh

For starters, you need to have an airtight container. We would recommend a tin airtight container. With the right container, you can store cookies for 3 days at room temperature. In case, you want to preserve them longer, you would have to freeze them.

The lifespan of cookies increases significantly when placed in a cool, dry place. Putting them in a cool, dry place will add two or three weeks to their life. To ensure that you can enjoy cookies even after days, sort them correctly.

It is not a wise idea to put different types of cookies in the same container. Therefore, ensure that you have different containers for different types of cookies. Below are some effective tips that will help you sort out the cookies correctly.

Sometimes, you need to incorporate more than just one packaging material. For instance, you would have to use clear plastic wrap for popcorn balls, nougats, caramels, truffles. Wrap each of them individually and then place them together in a tin container.

Next, you need to work on the toffees and brittles. To avoid dampness, use waxed paper along with the airtight tin container. Place sheets of waxed paper between every layer of the brittles and toffees. After layering them, place them in the container for preservation.

You can easily preserve the glossy finish on chocolate covered cookies. First, you would have to separate the chocolates from one another. Next, you will have to use the paper candy cups in order to sort these chocolates.

You would need an airtight container, along with some waxed paper for divinity preservation. Divinity quickly becomes dry. If you line the tin container with the waxed paper and then place the divinity into it. It will not dry up really quick.

 How to Mail your cookies

Being a great baker, you would love that people enjoy eating your cookies. You would want to send your cookies to your loved ones. However, your cookies might lose their original taste by the time they reach the destination.  Of course, no one likes soggy or dry cookies.

Fortunately, you now have biscuit cookies tins. It means you can easily send your cookies or biscuits without compromising on the quality. Imagine how elated your loved ones will become once they get cookies in their parcel.

Not all cookies are Travel-friendly

You need to understand that not all cookies are travel-friendly. Regardless of the packaging material you use, it might not produce the desired result. Therefore, you need to comprehend which cookies ship better in comparison to others.

It is not a good idea to mail cookies with custard or custard-like topping or filling. For instance, avoid sending bars, cheesecake or Nanaimo bars. Even the slightest mishandle during the shipping will destroy the cookies.

Likewise, avoid cookies that have delicate mail-like structure. There is a high probability that these cookies end up in a mess. No matter how careful you are with packaging, still, the result might not be according to your liking. Mailing out cookies that require refrigeration is an extremely bad idea.

Secure Packaging is important

After spending hours preparing and baking your cookies, next comes sending them. Remember, using the wrong kind of packaging will destroy your cookies. Therefore, you need to pay close heed to the packaging aspect of the cookies as well.

Here, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to ensure that your cookies retain their freshness long after they reach their destination.

For starters, use a good, airtight tin container.

Make sure that you have cooled the cookies completely before shipping them out.

Instead of using one container, use different containers for different cookies.

Before putting them in a container, wrap the bar cookies individually using any other form of packaging. Usually, people use plastic for wrapping the cookies.

To prevent cookies from being damaged, do not overstuff the container. Instead of sending one container with many broken cookies, go with multiple containers. This way your cookies will stay intact and fresh.

Similarly, avoid under-packing your container. If you have a small number of cookies, use smaller size containers and vice versa. In case there is a lot of space, fill it up using a tissue paper. Just ensure that the cookies fit snugly.

Place a piece of bubble wrap at the bottom of the airtight tin container. Then, use cellophane or parchment paper to line the container. Make sure that you leave enough space to tuck it over the top after you are done filling the container. Use parchment paper between the layers of cookies. After layering the container with cookies, tug the cellophane or parchment paper on top. Then add bubble wrapper and finally steal the container.


More Packing Pointers

Use heavy-duty cardboard to ship the tin container. Place the container in the cardboard box. Just make sure that the box is of the right size. It should not be smaller than the container, nor should it be extremely big. Allow around 2 to 3 inches of cushion between the outer box and the inner container.

Place crumpled paper, air-popped popcorn, or shipping peanuts at the bottom of the box. Place your container on this layer. Then fill the remaining container with more shipping materials.

Use a heavy-duty shipping tape to, fully seal the shipping box.


Biscuit and cookies are more than desserts. With them, you can create memories and cherish your loved ones. However, sending out cookies requires the right packaging. You need to use the right kind of biscuit cookies tins to ensure that your baked cookies withstand shipping.

In addition to packing them right, you also need to have robust and sturdy packing containers. Go for a manufacturer that offers style, elegance, and robustness such as tin packaging. They are the epitome when it comes to tin packaging. They offer a wide variety of designs, styles, finishes, and shapes.

Reach out to them and learn about the latest tin packaging trends. Their great customer service will get back to you as soon as possible.