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Як справити враження за допомогою спеціальних жерстяних коробок

2019-12-07 hqt

Люди часто судять про книгу за обкладинкою, тому використання спеціальних жерстяних коробок для обгортання вашої продукції - ідеальний спосіб справити враження. Зрештою, ми не можемо заперечувати той факт, що упаковка несе велику цінність. Скільки разів ви купували щось лише тому, що упаковка була милою?

На додаток до того, як зробити ваш продукт надійним, допоможуть персоналізовані жерстяні коробки, додайте унікальний елемент у свій продукт. Це дозволяє додати продукту свій стиль та смак. Коли ви використовуєте індивідуальну жерстяну коробку, ви не тільки робите окреме визнання, але вона пропонує ще кілька переваг.

У ході цієї статті ми надаємо вам детальну інформацію про важливі елементи коробок, а також про те, як ви можете використовувати ці скриньки для покращення взаємодії з користувачем.


  • Що таке спеціальні жерстяні коробки?
  • Важливі елементи високоякісних персоналізованих жерстяних коробок
  • Як, розумно використовувати індивідуальні жерстяні коробки?
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Що таке спеціальні жерстяні коробки?


Ми впевнені; слова “Індивідуальні жерстяні коробки” самі по собі пояснюються. Тим не менше, якщо у вас все ще є проблеми з розумінням, вам не доведеться хвилюватися. Спеціальні жерстяні коробки насправді - це жерстяні коробки, які ви можете налаштувати відповідно до своїх потреб.

You tend to find several custom tin boxes wholesalers throughout the world, as the idea of using personalized Tin boxes is extremely common. In addition to big brands, small businesses also use boxes with their logo and brand name.


custom tin boxes


For instance, if you are running a small home-based food business, you can order personalized tin lunch boxes to increase brand awareness and add a professional touch to your business. When a client sees a personalized lunch box, he or she is bound to get impressed.

In addition, these custom boxes advertise your brand without additional cost. For instance, if a person sees his employee having lunch from your personalized lunch box, he might just turn out to be your next client.

Important Elements of High-quality Personalized Tin Boxes

The first thing that people notice about your product in the box. We firmly believe that the box is an excellent way to make an outstanding impression. It is an effective medium to impress your clients without actually meeting them.

A smart and elegant box speaks for you. It lets you convey your message in the most effective manner. You can make people fall in love with your product even before they buy it. However, if a box can make an impression, it can destroy the brand image as well.

A low-quality box is an absolute turn-off. Therefore, we highly recommend that you use high-quality boxes in order to attract consumers and turn them into loyal customers. There are certain elements that every good custom tin box needs to incorporate.

Below, we have talked about each of these elements in detail. So, without any further delay, let us get straight to the point.


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Pleasing to the Eye


A box that is sturdy, but ugly is a complete turn-off. With so much competition, you need to stand out in every aspect. You need to offer the best of both worlds; your custom box should be strong along with a pleasing design.

You will see us repeating that presentation counts because it does. A good, smartly packed box is bound to attract attention. A consumer might just buy your product because it is pleasing to the eye.


Even big brands tend to use change in packaging as a marketing strategy. Monotony quickly bores consumers and they might stop buying the product. However, when the brand tends to introduce new packing, many often buy the same old product just because it has new packing.

Smart and astonishing design is the perfect way to retain existing customers, bring back old consumers and attract new customers. The important question here is how to come up with eye-popping design. Below, we have listed some factors that play a vital role in terms of designing an outstanding and eye-catching custom tin box.



First and foremost, you need to focus on the color. You might be surprised to know, but researches show that color is the easiest way to invoke a mood. With colors, you can express the objective effectively. For instance, if you want to give a bold impression, use bright vibrant colors.

On the contrary, for a more sophisticated look, we would recommend you go with a pastel color palette. Choosing the type of color mainly depends on how you want to portray your project to potential customers.


Eye-Catching Artwork

To add a little zing to your box add an artistic flair to it. Of course, we do not mean that you hire high-end artists, or you print a full-blown picture of Mona Lisa on the box, but a little aesthetic touch to it will enhance the image of your product.

Ви завжди можете піти з абстрактним мистецтвом, геометричними фігурами або навіть шевронною смугою. Такі персоналізовані жерстяні коробки надзвичайно привертають увагу.

Пам’ятна копія

Ви постійно бачите мем в Інтернеті, то що, якщо покласти його на власні жерстяні коробки. Це обов’язково приверне увагу. Адже люди завжди помічають сарказм і гумор.


За допомогою жерстяних коробок ви можете вільно обирати іншу форму замість традиційного прямокутника або квадратної коробки. Ці форми вже набридли людям, тому ми пропонуємо вам відпустити свою уяву.

Придумайте щось унікальне для того, щоб зробити висловлювання та успішно розмістити свій товар. Звичайно, якщо ви плануєте регулярно відправляти свою продукцію, доцільно дотримуватися ортодоксальних форм.



The design matters, but the box's ability to transport your goods without damage is more important. After all, the main objective of a box is to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

Of course, we understand that once you ship your products, you have very little control over how the shipping takes place. There are still certain elements that you need to ensure in order to deliver the undamaged products.

An important point to remember here is that people mostly mentioning about a crashed box, despite the fact that good was in perfect condition. This inclined towards the negative side. After all, no one is a fan of a box that looks like it has been smashed by an elephant.

The bottom line is that a bashed box does not leave a good impression, thus you need to follow the steps below in order to avoid box mishaps.

Custom tin boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. It is entirely up to you to choose the right size and thickness. You can have a single, double, or even triple wallboard. However, the increase in the thickness does increase the cost. You would have to justify the increased price before you make your final decision.

The reason you choose customized boxes is to ensure that the boxes fit your goods to perfection. Now, if you back a small crystal glass into a big size container, the extra space is bound to have an adverse effect. In addition to de-shaping the box, the extra space puts the fragile item at stake as well.


Increased Lifespan

Generally, tin boxes are suitable for all-weather, yet you do need to pay heed to conditions where you plan to put these boxes. These factors such as temperature, dryness, and dampness will affect the lifespan of your custom tin boxes. For instance, you put a Coca Cola can in the refrigerator for long, it will bust after some time.

To increase the lifespan of the tin box, you need to design it according to the conditions it will be facing.   We do recommend that you test your box yourself, before handing it down to the shipment company. This will provide you a clear idea regarding the condition and the sturdiness of your custom tin boxes wholesale.

Increase Brand Awareness

The idea of using a custom tin box is to increase brand awareness. You work hard to come up with a different type of box just for building your brand. So, how you do it does not matter. You completely cover the box with your brand name, or you can subtly put it in the center or somewhere noticeable.

People are bound to talk about your product if you come up with a unique and beautiful box. Thanks to the digital world, a smart box is going to be shared over the internet as well. So, that is additional marketing without paying any cost.

Recyclable without the loss of quality

With global warming makings its way to the UN-Conference table, people around the globe are making a concerted effort in order to use products that are eco-friendly. Studies have shown that people would pay a little extra in order to buy a packing that is eco-friendly. Of course, we understand the importance and thus, we offer custom Tin Boxes. Tin boxes give you a high-end feel, while they are environment-friendly.

In addition, these boxes are not only durable, but they are completely recyclable. You can recycle tin forever, without the loss of quality.

Inside Packing

When you are selling your product to a customer, you are basically selling them an experience. The elegance of the box should not be limited to the exterior. On the contrary, we highly recommend that the inside of the box should be beautiful as well.

Для того, щоб надати цілісний вигляд, вам потрібно зосередитися на тому, що ви плануєте помістити всередину коробки. Замість того, щоб використовувати залишки газет для внутрішнього обгортання, використовуйте паперовий вирізаний папір або кольоровий папір для обгортання вашої речі.

Додавання додаткових, таких як купони, подяка або зразок вашого майбутнього продукту, робить довгий шлях. Наприклад, у домашньому кухонному бізнесі ви завжди можете надіслати додаткову булочку у свою персональну жерстяну коробку для обіду.

Це послужить двом цілям, по-перше, це зробить споживача надзвичайно щасливим, а по-друге, ви успішно представили новий товар своєму клієнту. Вони, безсумнівно, спробують булочку, і якщо їм це сподобається, вони будуть регулярно купувати.

Пошук правильного розміру

Every product has its own size and thickness, thus it needs to have a product that matches its needs. So, it is not possible to find a magical one-size box that fits all products to perfection. It is important that you analyze your product thoroughly and then define the size of your personalized tin boxes.

Having the right size is imperative as it will prevent resource wastage and it will protect the item. Make sure that the box gives the impression that it was meant to be for your product only. When you have the perfect size box, you offer quality.

Imagine opening a big box, having an extremely small product in it, we are sure you will not like the overall look. Besides looking bad, it is a complete wastage of resources. So, ensure that your tin box is of the right size and shape.

How to, smartly use customized Boxes?

One of the best ways to flaunt your tin boxes and to increase brand awareness is to flaunt them in events. When so many people present, you will be able to attract several potential customers without any trouble.



Are you wondering how can you use a custom box as an invitation? The answer is simple, use the custom box to deliver your product as well as invite them for an upcoming event. Let us take an example of the home-based kitchen business again.

You have put up a stall in a food festival and you are using personalized tin lunch boxes for your food items. You can get an invitation printed on these boxes for your personal food event or for another food festival at which you plan to set up your food stall.

These personalized boxes will add value to your brand. In addition, it offers free advertisement. If people like your food along with the box, they will share it with friends. There is a high probability that people bring in more people for your next food stall.

Relive Memories


When people love a brand, they would love to hear about its success story. Also, people are a fan of reliving moments that they enjoyed once. For instance, Pepsi came up with reintroducing the design of their old Pepsi cans.

They came up with the 80s, the 90s can again, and we can assure you that people well in love with them. Pepsi used those old cans to retell their success stories. You can do the same with your custom tin boxes.

Print a quote or memory regarding your business. You can even talk about the great things that took place in history. For instance, “Today, we offer free chocolate cookies in remembrance of Joseph Fry, the creator of modern Chocolate”

The free cooking along with food facts would help customers remember your brand name. They might even keep the box and use it as storage for their pictures or files, depending on the size and the shape of your box.



A customized Tin box is an imperative part of the modern business; however, it is equally important for you to choose the right custom tin box wholesale. You will come across several suppliers, but not all these suppliers have the ability to deliver what you are looking for.

Серед провідних постачальників олов'яних коробок на замовлення ми маємо упаковку для олова. Багаторічний досвід дозволяє їм доставляти будь-які типи жерстяних коробок. Вони здатні обробляти замовлення різного розміру. Вони обіцяють поставляти високоякісні коробки, зберігаючи естетичний сенс дизайну.

Підсумовуючи це


Не можна заперечувати той факт, що на замовлення жерстяні коробки є що запропонувати. Вони є ідеальним способом справити тривале враження. Зрештою, багато хто з нас винні у придбанні товару, який має гарну упаковку.

Важливо, щоб коробка виглядала якісно, ​​і для цього потрібно переконатися, що вона міцна, має чудовий дизайн, має естетичний сенс та має правильний розмір. Правильний розмір жерстяної коробки забезпечує захист товару, а його красивий дизайн приваблює споживачів.

Since people have become more inclined towards the idea of using eco-friendly products, thus tin customized boxes are your best shot. Studies show that people do not mind paying extra for an eco-friendly packing, so choosing a tin box is the right choice. After all, you can recycle tin as many times as you like and there will be no loss of quality.

A customized Tin box by Tin-Packaging offers the best of both worlds, it is affordable, yet it is of high quality. The company offers you the freedom of designing your own personalized box. With Tin-Packaging, there is no limit on how you design or develop your customized tin boxes.