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2020-05-21 hqt

Контрактна упаковка - це все під одним дахом

We have extensive experience in contract packaging, engineer support, and food contact tin can production. We have cooperated with many food companies, have more and more understanding of packaging, and have a mature team in this field. 130 R & D engineers can provide you with professional advice on molds and production. This means that if you need to outsource this part of the process, we will assist you with tin products and packaging throughout the project.

In addition, our shiny new factory not only provides exquisite packaging but also provides ready-made final products to make your life easier. All products in our packaging factory are carefully placed in cans. We use tamper-resistant seals where needed. If necessary, it is best to use LaserJet for storage before the date and ensure that they remain intact throughout the packaging process. After all, we are part of the packaging design itself, so we know this is important to you. We like to do this extra service. We sincerely enjoy the good times. For example, those refined tin boxes have left our facilities and you can also use them happily at home.

contract packing-detail

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