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Bagaimana Kotak Tin Custom Borong makanan timah selamat?

2020-09-08 hqt

apakah jenis utama dan aplikasinya?

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Pembungkusan makanan borong kotak timah khas:

To develop the ideal food packaging model, it is essential to understand the variables of this type of project. The choice of material, its destination, dimensions and applied functionalities are factors that must be taken into account. You can get the best ideas from any kotak timah khas yangcompany.

Each type of food has specific needs with regard to its storage, conservation and transport. Therefore, you must be aware of the different models and materials available on the market.

If you've ever wondered what is the best packaging for your business, then read this post to the end!

The sustainable aspect of custom tin boxes packaging

The current custom tin boxes wholesale market increasingly seeks sustainable alternatives and the possibility to recycle and reuse resources. Packaging production also adopts this aspect and seeks to develop container solutions for the conservation and transport of food.

In this way, both managers and consumers are committed to expanding initiatives that contribute to environmental preservation. This type of solution can be implemented by:

  1. Micro
  2. small and
  3. medium enterprises

They operate in the food sector. This is a way of adding value and strengthening the relationship with customers.

The main food packaging: custom tin boxes wholesale

Ensuring food conservation is one of the main challenges for custom tin boxes wholesale companies operating in the food segment. This reality is even more apparent in restaurants and fast-food restaurants. Especially which deal with the delivery of meals and offer the grab and go option.

1. Glass packaging

Glass is one of the oldest materials registered in the packaging segment. It was quite common, for example, that the old warehouses put grains such as:

  • Beans
  • rice,
  • jagung
  • lentils,
  • among others, in small glasses.

The choice of this material to pack food, something that lasts until today, is due to its durability and resistance. With this, it is possible to keep food well isolated from the air and other external elements. It could oxidize or damage the product for consumption.

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To know more about specific precautions, you may ask custom tin boxes wholesale supplier. 

How to prevent odour from custom tin boxes?

The glass is completely impermeable, so that, if well sealed, the packaging with this type of material can have a great capacity for conservation, preventing odors or the humidity of the environment from affecting the conservation of food.

The fact that it is fully recyclable makes the glasses also a sustainable option for companies that, in some cases, may even request the return of the packaging after using the product. This practice is quite common among beverage manufacturers and distributors.

Di samping itu, pengguna sendiri boleh menggunakan semula bungkusan kaca. Ia digunakan secara meluas untuk tujuan lain, seperti kraftangan. Sentiasa ingat kotak timah khusus yang digunakan semula bergantung terutamanya pada jenis kotak timah khas yang anda pilih.

Untuk penghantaran, kaca tidak praktikal. Oleh kerana ia adalah bahan yang berat dan rapuh, kaca tidak berfungsi dengan baik untuk pembungkusan penghantaran.

2. Pembungkusan aluminium: kotak timah khas borong

Oleh kerana sifatnya, mereka sangat ringan dan tahan lama. Pembungkusan aluminium digunakan untuk mengemas makanan yang perlu diangkut dalam jarak jauh. Lebih-lebih lagi, yang dipamerkan di rak pasar raya untuk jangka masa yang panjang.

Aluminium adalah pilihan yang paling sesuai untuk mengemas produk yang mudah rosak untuk borong kotak timah khas.  Mungkin sensitif terhadap cahaya, seperti minyak sayuran dan sos tomato. Di samping itu, penggunaannya yang luas meliputi:

  • tin soda
  • jus perindustrian dan
  • minuman lain, hingga makanan dalam tin.

Mengikuti contoh ini, makanan yang secara tradisional dibungkus dalam bekas aluminium adalah tin:

  • jagung
  • kacang polong dan

Antara kelebihan utama ciri ini, kita dapat menyebut:

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  • ketahanan
  • kelenturan
  • ketahanan terhadap pengoksidaan
  • komponen yang boleh dikitar semula dan
  • keupayaan untuk menjaga makanan segar.

Arahan borong kotak timah khas yang penting

Custom tin boxes wholesale practicality must also be taken into account when making an aluminum packaging. Avoid, for example, that they need to be opened with a can opener, as the final consumer may not always have this tool available. The ideal is that they have a seal, thus facilitating the opening.

For food delivery packaging, aluminum does not have many advantages. Because it is a very malleable material, leaks are inevitable. Another negative point is that the impression of the visual identity of the brand is impaired, since aluminum does not allow printing.

The impact on health

Perlu disebutkan bahawa, walaupun mereka tahan, langkah-langkah harus diterapkan untuk mengelakkan mereka terkena dampak. Sama ada semasa penyimpanan atau semasa pengangkutan. Tong yang dihancurkan menunjukkan risiko kesihatan. Sekiranya anda menghubungi syarikat kotak timah khas yang , anda mungkin tidak menghadapi masalah ini.

Kerana kandungannya boleh tercemar dan merosot jika bersentuhan dengan persekitaran luaran.

Disarankan agar tin yang dihancurkan, tergores atau bahkan ditusuk dibuang sehingga tidak sampai ke rak untuk dijual. Penjagaan ini merangkumi bahan kimia yang dibungkus dalam pembungkus jenis ini. Seperti:

  1. aerosol dan
  2. bahan mudah terbakar yang lain.
  3. Pembungkusan styrofoam

It is not very common to see Styrofoam packaging in the products we find in supermarkets. But they are widely used in industry, especially for storing and transporting fresh food, such as fish or frozen pasta. They are also quite common in food delivery custom tin boxes wholesale.

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Another negative point is that Styrofoam packaging is not viable in terms of marketing. This is because impressions with the brand's logo and visual identity are impaired in the Styrofoam.

Taking into account that there are already paper options on the market. It allows extensive customization, in addition to other features, it is worth rethinking the use of packaging.

Custom tin boxes wholesale conclusion

One of the main advantages that this type of custom tin boxes wholesale generates for industries is the fact that it does not occupy much space. When it is disassembled, and can be stored in the form of plates.

When already assembled and with the food stored, it is totally isolated. It makes it impossible for any type of odor or aroma from the environment to enter the food. In addition, some types of food, such as milk and juices, do not need to be refrigerated.