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Paketimi i Kutisë prej Kallaji Kanabisi të Ripërdorueshëm

2020-06-22 hqt

Gjithçka që duhet të dini për kutinë e kallajit të kanabisit

The packaging of cannabis tin box and selling it in the market of marijuana has been revolutionized by Honest Marijuana Company, a company founded by Anthony Franciosi. It leads to the field of the cultivation of cannabis. They have used eco-friendly means of packaging cannabis by using the boxes made of reusable tin. They used new cannabis tin box every time while packaging naturally grown and freshly cultivated eco-friendly cannabis to maintain its freshness for a long time.


Cannabis Tin Box

Though Honest Marijuana Company is not the only company that packages cannabis but most of the other companies packaging cannabis usually use disposable containers made of plastic instead of recyclable containers made of tin. The cannabis packaged by Honest Marijuana in recyclable tin boxes includes pure nitrogen to maintain freshness, quality, and integrity at a high level. The cannabis packaged in tin boxes remains in its purest form as its exposure to oxygen and light can deteriorate its condition as it gets a sound environment in the tin boxes. Moreover, tin cans used for packaging cannabis are resistant not only to light, humidity, and oxygen but also to the fluctuations in the temperatures. In this way, the cannabis tin box help in maintaining the fresh aroma of the terpenes of cannabis by not allowing them to give away any types of chemicals from it. The flowers of cannabis can be preserved for years in tin cans. Thus by introducing this innovative method of packaging cannabis, it is assumed that Anthony can encourage other companies producing and packaging cannabis to concentrate on the care and sustainability of the Earth.


Anthony Franciosi është themeluesi i një kompanie për rritjen e kanabisit, Nderi i Marijuanës. Ai përdori mënyra më të shëndetshme për të rritur llojet e kanabisit për të lehtësuar dhimbjen e shkaktuar nga dëmtimet sportive në vend që të gëlltiste vrasës të dhimbjeve të cilat mund të rrisin rrezikun e varësisë ndaj tyre. Kjo kompani përdori lëndë ushqyese organike si ushqim peshku dhe leshterikë gjatë rritjes së bimëve të saj të kanabisit në mënyrë që ata të mund të zhvillojnë një lidhje me lëndët ushqyese që gjenden natyrshëm në tokë në mënyrë që bimët të marrin lëndët ushqyese të kërkuara për tu rritur më shpejt dhe më të fortë si bakri dhe hekuri.

According to Franciosi, he decided to cultivate completely natural marijuana as a full-time career to give holistic relief to pain after landscaping for many years and leaving his passion to live in a green environment. Initially, he focused on growing cannabis by using organic methods and without using any pesticide which, in his opinion, was the only method to produce high-quality cannabis.


Honest Marijuana Company used the best method of feeding cannabis plants and was able to reduce the wastage of water in their fields by at least 5%. They used the best quality sediment filter to keep harmful elements like chlorine and sediments out from the sewage system of the town as well as the water supplied by them. Moreover, they consumed 30% less electricity by using a climate control system based on water chilling instead of a standard system of HVAC. It also helped them in saving 10% more energy by controlling the wastage of power and reusing it in their system. They also saved 60-70% energy by converting the outside air into energy when the temperature of the external environment is less than 45 degrees.


Së bashku me Kompaninë e Marijuanës së ndershme, prodhues të tjerë të tjerë të kanabisit si Cannadip në Humboldt, California, etj po përdorin paketimin e kuti prej kallaji kanabisi për arsye të ndryshme. Disa prej tyre përdorën kuti prej kallaji për paketimin e kanabisit për ta bërë atë rezistent ndaj fëmijëve, ndërsa disa e përdorën atë për të mbrojtur nga ekspozimi i tij ndaj oksidimit, dritës dhe lagështisë.


Cannadips, një tregtar i qeseve të kanabisit në Humboldt, California ka përdorur një kuti prej kallaji kanabisi për të bërë një sistem paketimi rezistent ndaj fëmijëve. Qeset e kanabisit të tregtuara prej tyre mund të vendosen midis çamçakëzit dhe faqes si njerëzit që vendosin duhanin përtypës. Mund të jetë i dëmshëm nëse përdoret nga fëmijët. Kështu që për të ndaluar fëmijët të mos përdornin këto qeska, ata filluan të përdorin kuti prej kallaji për të paketuar qeset e tyre me kanabis.

According to the founders of Cannadips, initially, they introduced CBD infused and cannabis-infused products in beautifully decorated tins into the market which increased the looks and quality of their products. Later on, the California administration changed the regulations and made it mandatory to use child-resistant packaging to package cannabis products. Then they order their supplier of tins to design child-resistant tin packaging to resemble the tins supplied by them earlier. Thus, the availability of beautiful child-resistant tins has enabled them to hit the market again with their wonderful cannabis products.

Due to an increase in development and sales of cannabis tin boxes, Mandel of CM Packaging, a tin supplier from Holland, partnered with Hoffmann Neopac of Switzerland. In fact, these new containers consisting of four main elements were designed by Hoffmann Neopac. The bottom and top of these boxes were made of a plate of tin steel. But between the bottom and top of these boxes, a polypropylene insert made from injection molding is inserted. These boxes look like the boxes you look in the applications used in the pharmaceutical industry because the inserts are threaded. This package can be opened just by pushing it down and turning the can which makes it difficult for the children to open it. That is why this is a child-resistant packaging.

The makers of these cannabis tin boxes are certified to make them according to the Federal Regulations Code. The specifications of the tins used by Cannadips include 19.3 mm tall stands and diameter 70 mm. They pack 20 products in each tin or 15 in each tin for the version of icrodose’. They have highlighted the tin with the design of embossed lines and their logo and offset printed graphics.


Honest Marijuana Company has not only cultivated chemical-free and eco-friendly strains of cannabis but also used unusual tin boxes for packaging them. They have used food-grade tin to make these boxes to protect not only the aroma and freshness of the strains but also the health of their users. The company has drawn sustainable metal cans from the food industry to introduce them to packaging its cannabis strains in 2016.

The design of these cannabis tin boxes is very unusual. It protects the strains of marijuana from the damaging effects of moisture and light along with crushing due to pressure. This packaging protects the inside products from the exposure to oxygen by sealing it hermetically. Before closing lids of the filled cans, they are flushed with nitrogen so that the material in the can-cannot be affected by fluctuations in the temperature as well as any chemicals and keep its integrity and aroma safe. According to them, the flowers of cannabis can be preserved in this package for many years.

One-eighth of an ounce of cannabis is packed in one cannabis tin box. These boxes can be closed again so that one can store any product in it after consuming cannabis packaged in it. After removing the labels on the box, its lid and box can be recycled.


In Colorado, where Honest Marijuana Company is located, it is legal to use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The founder of this company provided detailed information about this new package. According to him the lid and can of the tin box are made of food-grade tin instead of aluminum or steel with a tin coating. A metal lid on the tin can is easy to open by pulling a ring. The package includes an over-cap with a feature of child-resistant so that one can close it again safely after opening it once. All the packaging cans are decorated with two labels made of paper. One of these labels is displayed on the lid and the other on the can. These labels are made from green and food-grade materials so that they do not affect the process of recycling of the package. Usually, labels are removed from the packaging before it is recycled.

They cultivate 8 to 12 types of cannabis strains. All of these strains are packaged in cannabis tin boxes designed by their supplier. The main reason for choosing tin boxes for the packaging of cannabis strains is that they preserve their freshness, can be flushed with nitrogen, and protected from exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture. Any better way to preserve cannabis strains is not available by now. Their company can customize the design of the cans supplied by 2 Packaging as and when required.

Thus, reusable CANNABIS TIN BOXEs are used for packaging different types of cannabis products for different reasons. Though the main reason for using these packaging boxes is to protect the cannabis strains from environmental changes and preserve their freshness, some companies still use them to protect their products from children. Although, medicinal and recreational use of cannabis is legal in some states but they are banned for children in almost all the states in the US.