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Prodhuesit e Kuti prej Teneqe Çokollatë: Ide Krijuese Tin Box

2020-08-03 hqt

Prodhuesit e Kuti prej kallaji çokollatë: Ide të mahnitshme për kanaçe prej kallaji

Në botën ku gjithçka duhet të jetë eko-miqësore, prodhuesit e kutive prej kallaji çokollate po lulëzojnë për të siguruar që kutitë e tyre prej kallaji të jenë të ripërdorshme dhe të riciklueshme. Mbi të gjitha, këto kuti janë të forta dhe elegante për të filluar.

Any chocolate seller would want to impress the consumer and provoke him or her to make the purchase. This is only possible when the consumer is impressed by the packaging. In case the packaging is recyclable that adds more to the appeal.

Tin being an excellent recyclable material, the sky is the limit. If you have your beautiful chocolate tin cans or boxes laying around, it is time to bring them forward. We are going to give you jaw-dropping ideas of upcycling your old tin boxes. Thus, enhancing their usability and effectiveness.

So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Decorating a Chocolate Tin Box

Here are some of the most mesmerizing ideas of reusing and decorating your tin boxes.

Votive Candles with Letters

There is no secret here that many DIY bloggers have been turning tin boxes into beautiful candles. However, this time, we took things to a whole new level. Instead of covering the tins with pretty decorative papers or paints, we are planning to punch some holes into them.

Make letters into the cans, so that when the candle glows inside it, the light is emitting from the marking. It would look beautiful, especially when you are using these candles for a special occasion. You can actually create different candles to spell out a word.

For instance, “Happy Birthday”. These candles would an excellent touch to your parties or birthdays.

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Burlap Covered Candle Holders

Looking for something great to add to your wedding décor, why not use tin cans and turn them into burlap covered candle holders. Yes, you heard us right. They would add to your overall wedding décor.

It is an excellent way to recycle the cans and turn them into something lovely.  The great thing is you really don’t have to put in a lot of effort. Simply, add some embellishment and wrap some burlap. Now place the candle holder onto the banquet table.

We can assure you that it would look great!

Make Charming Wreath with Chocolate Tin Box

The charming wreath looks beautiful, it adds an aesthetic sense to your overall décor. If you are clever enough, you can use almost anything to create it. However, using tin cans make actually make your charming wreath stand out.

Gather all your cans, paint them a striking and eye-catching red. Once satisfied with the color scheme, you then have to arrange it into a simple, and attractive wreath for your fence. You can place it where ever you want, and we can assure you that it would look amazing.

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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes never go out of fashion. It is always a delight to see and hear them hanging outside your door. You will be surprised to know that you can actually enjoy smart and pretty wind chimes made up of Tin cans, utensils, and beads.

Bring forwards your old, rusting tin boxes along with unused beads and utensils. Paint them using vibrant colors or colors that would go with your room’s interior. Attach a thread here and there, your wind chime is ready.

Simply hang it where ever you want, and let know be impressed by your art and creativity.

Silverware Holders

This is perhaps one of the most amazing ideas. It is not only pleasing to the eye but also extremely useful. Instead of shoving all your cutlery into your draws and finding it extremely difficult to get one when required.

Use these amazing tin boxes to come up with a stand that you hold all your cutlery in an organized way. See the picture below and you will have a clear idea of how to turn these unused tin boxes into something useful.

It seems that Chocolate Tin Box Manufacturers as well as other prodhuesit e kanaçeve do keep reusability in mind when creating tin boxes.

Beautiful Chocolate Tin Box Roses

Me llojin e duhur të mjeteve dhe aftësive, në të vërtetë mund të dhuroni lule të të dashurit tuaj që nuk do të vdesin kurrë. Përdorni kanaçet e vjetra për kthim dhe shndërroni ato në trëndafila të bukur. Pasi të keni gdhendur lulet, është koha për t'i pikturuar ato.

Ju gjithmonë mund të shkoni me ngjyrë të kuqe të gjallë. Në rast, ju po kërkoni diçka më delikate, po për një bukuroshe, rozë, apo edhe një trëndafil të bardhë. Çlironi krijimtarinë tuaj dhe dilni me tufa të bukura trëndafilash për ta dhuruar atë.

Ne mund t'ju sigurojmë se kjo do të ishte një dhuratë unike dhe e këndshme për dikë që ju pëlqen vërtet. Në fund të fundit, këto trëndafila nuk janë vetëm të bukura, por ngjyrat e tyre do të ishin një përfaqësim i dashurisë suaj për të dashurin tuaj!

Skarë e vogël, por e lehtë për të punuar

Instead of carrying big grills, let’s enjoy a portable one that you can make using an old tin box. Creating the grill is extremely easy. All you would have to do is cut down the sides of the tin can and then put some foil on top of it.

Next, you would need to put in some burning coal and a cooling rack. That’s it! Your portable and easy to cook grill is ready. Take it where ever you go and enjoy grilling your food.

Christmas Chocolate Tin Box Tree Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree has always been among the most fun and enjoyable movements of Christmas. One is always thriving to come up with some unique and effective ways to decorate the tree every year.

In case you had reached out to some Chocolate Tin Box Manufacturers last year for customized chocolate boxes, it is time to reuse them and turn them into Christmas ornaments. Paint them, embellish them and match them with your tree theme.

Lamps for Ambient Lighting

We have often seen these kinds of lamps in movies, but now you can have them just outside your house. This kind of idea is unique and creative. It is something different. The most interesting factor here is that you will be able to see inside the can.

This is something that most light fixtures lack. They are perfect for your garden or an outdoor party. The reason being, the candle flames inside these tin cans would reflect, thus producing an inviting and warm impact.

What more is that you can either have them in the same color or use different vibrant color for every lamp. Regardless, the coloring option you choose, the end result would be mesmerizing.

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Use Tin Can for Apple Pie Making

If you want to serve your apple pie in a unique and out of box way, we suggest using your old tin boxes. Cut the tin boxes from the top, put all the ingredients, and bake it to enjoy your amazing pie. This surely is a different idea of serving the pie.

You can use it for your parties or home dinners. Impress people with your creativity. To take things to a new level, you can always decorate the cans. Thus, allowing them to stand out among all your other confectionaries.

 Fancy Pencil Holder

The 90’s kid might not see this as a different idea. Back then, we were always using old boxes and tins to create holders. However, modern kids would find it fascinating. Redecorate your tins cans, apply some beads, or pretty wrapping paper and turn them into stunning pencil holders.

It is for sure a fun project to customize. You can add sections, or just decorate the out rim. You can even leave the can as it is, with a small addition of a ribbon. In this case, nothing can actually go wrong.

So, let lose yourself and enjoy creating a beautiful pen and pencil holders. You can even thank the prodhuesit e kutive prej kallaji çokollate for producing these beautiful tin boxes in the first place.